Top 6 Hilarious Low Cost Cosplay You Cannot Unsee

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Low Cost Cosplay

We at The BitBag searched all over the internet to give you the most ingenious low cost cosplay?of all time, featuring your favorite anime characters brought to life by very resourceful and imaginative cosplayers.

  1. Pikachu – Japan?s ?mickey mouse? and mascot of Pokemon. The supposedly cute pokemon sports a yellow fur, red dots on both cheeks, tall ears and a lightning shaped tail. We hope that this guy inspires countless other Pokemon– Star Wars crossover like an Exogorth Onyx, maybe??

    Low Cost Cosplay

    Pikachu Darth Cosplay

  2. Cell – a villain from Dragon Ball who was a creation of Dr. Gero. His skin is light-green in color with black spots. The skin on his face is pale with purple lines on both sides of Cell?s cheeks and a yellow line across his ears and chin. Cell has pink eyes with purple veins. Check out this cosplayer who hilariously put together household items to recreate Cell?s look. Materials used: a black plastic bucket, a green plastic chair, a shower cap, flour, yellow paper and what looks like 2 purple shampoo bottles. Cell, Jr. not included.?

    Low Cost Cosplay

    Cell Low Cost Cosplay

  3. Death Note – This notebook has supernatural abilities. It was used by Shinigami?s to take human life for the purpose of increasing their lifespan. The book is activated when a person?s name is written on it. In the series the Death Note Notebook featured has a black cover while the inner pages are white with lines like a school notebook. Despite being one of the most challenging costumes to replicate, this cosplayer pulled it off so well!

    Low Cost Cosplay

    Death Note Cosplay

  4. Sailormoon – popular for being the magical girl who is tasked to save the world, Usagi transforms from a normal highschool girl to a beautiful magical princess in sailor outfit and wand. Her signature look is her very long hair, parted on the sides with buns. Thinking that her face is already a costume in itself, this cosplayer cut off Jar Jar Binks? head and put in on top (yet another Star Wars crossover).?

    Low Cost Cosplay

    Sailormoon Cosplay

  5. Naruto – a young aspiring Ninja who had nothing in his mind but to but to become a Hokage – the strongest of all. Naruto has a blond hair and seems to be always in an orange training suit. Inspired by Naruto?s determination and strong-will, this 40-year old adult-male asked his mom for a $5 loan to design his costume.?

    Low Cost Cosplay

    Naruto Low Cost Cosplay

  6. Gundam – pioneered the concept of realism in robot design. These humanoid robots stand upright, fully armored, equipped with advanced weaponry and controlled by human pilots. Cosplaying a gundam will take up so much time and money for materials, but check out the frugal and creative skills of this cosplayer. His gundam cosplaying had the internet ROTFL.?

    Low Cost Cosplay

    Gundam Low Cost Cosplay

Cosplaying is a fun way to pay homage to your favorite anime. It?s also a form of self- expression. It?s even more fun to know that it doesn?t always have to be expensive because all you need is your imagination.

Which of these low cost cosplays did you like best? Let us know on the comments section below.

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