Top 5 Video Games To Play This August: Rare Replay, Final Fantasy And More!

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type-0More games are coming your way in the month of August, and here are the five games that we recommend that you watch out for and play:

Looking at some game releases this month, some may think that it is a lackluster line-up, compared to the big ones arriving next month. But that does not mean that you should ignore the upcoming August titles as we pick out five games that will be worth your money.

rare replay

Rare Replay for Xbox One (Aug. 4)

Relive some of the best and classic Rare titles on your Xbox One. With a compilation of 30 game titles in one single package, you can get to play some classics like Battletoads, Blast Corps, Killer Instinct, Conker?s Bad Fur day and Banjo Kazooie.


Galak-Z for the PlayStation 4 (Aug. 4)

If you love mechs and space dog fights in an arcade-ish style of gameplay, then Galak-Z is a great buy for you. This physics-driver open-world game lets you pilot a star fighter against waves of alien starships. And let?s not forget the game is heavily inspired from 80?s Japanese anime sci-fi.


Helldivers: Super-Earth Ultimate Edition for the PlayStation 4 (Aug. 18)

Looking for an awesome local co-op game? Helldivers: Super-Earth Ultimate Edition is a retail release of the hit Helldivers digital game for both the PS4, PS3 and Vita. Fighter for humanity?s future in the 4th Galactic War as you travel to different planets and complete missions with three of your friends in a top-down shooter fest.


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for PC (Aug. 18)

The remastered version of the hit PSP Final Fantasy spin-off is back and is now heading to the PC. Take the role of Class Zero as they embark into the conflict of war and politics. The PC version will feature more enhanced visuals and fixes from the console release.


Until Dawn for the PlayStation 4 (Aug. 24)

Want to play a survivor horror game at night? You might want to try out Until Dawn. The game has a unique feature called the Butterfly Effect, in which players can choose any action the character will take, resulting in unforeseen consequences, this blurs the line of having good and bad decisions in the game that can lead to ethical or moral dilemmas in picking an action. Aside from that, the game is designed to have multiple playthroughs, increasing the replay value.

What other games for August that you are interesting in playing? Send us a comment below and share us your suggestions.

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