Top 5 Things You Should Know About UFC 2

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EA?s mixed-martial arts fighting game UFC 2 launches on March 15 for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game has been rated a respectable 8 by Polygon. Let?s look at five things you should know about the game.

  1. Cover stars for the game are Connor Mcgregor and Rounda Rousey

The cover stars are the most famous athletes currently plying their trade in the UFC 2. Both the stars are meticulously recreated in the game so your fantasies of taking on real fighters in the UFC 2 can come true. The roster has been recreated painstakingly and features special moves of every star in the UFC plus historical icons like Bruce Lee.

  1. The Knockout Physics system looks killer

Every fight in the UFC 2 is not an end to end affair. Some end dramatically in a knockout that rocks the skull of one fighter while the other rejoices in victory. EA have carefully carved a Knockout Physics system to recapture the true ?Knockout? feel in a UFC 2 match.

  1. Variety of Modes on Offer

Besides the usual exhibition mode, UFC 2 features a full-fledged Career Mode, EA?s famous Ultimate Team mode, Online Championship and a KO Mode. Truly, there is something for every fan. You can create your own fighter and climb the ladder and become a superstar or collect your favorite fighters in Ultimate Team mode and fight against other teams.

  1. Custom Event Creator

Now you can be a matchmaker in UFC 2. Unleash your fantasy matchups and customize the venue, referees, and fight rules to create the event of your dreams.

  1. Dynamic Grappling System

UFC 2 2 introduces a new grappling system, giving fans more control over how to initiate and execute grapple moves. A grapple assist HUD will appear on screen to guide you through the new mechanics in play. It adds defensive grappling, counter and reversals and ground striking for you to use on your way to victory. Be sure to check out the tutorial and practice with the new system.

UFC 2 releases March 15th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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