Top 5 Tech Gadgets that All Students Should Have

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Top 5 Tech Gadgets All Students should have

The parents of today?s college students don?t understand why smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets are an absolute necessity for them. Technology is not only about distractions and socializing; the majority of students have to rely on it as a studying tool.

You probably understand why a laptop is necessary for college. Of course, there are computers on campus, but you won?t be able to study and write projects in a private setting if you?re dependent upon computer room hours. Well, smartphones and tablets are just as important as laptops. They enable you to get the needed information and note down ideas at any time. So not accidentally the most known resources for students such as,, etc. have already optimized their websites for different screen resolutions.

Needless to say, there are also useless devices marketed to college students. That?s what makes the following list of gadgets useful. Let?s see which technology is worth spending money on


This is the most obvious device on the list. Everyone needs to have a portable computer that?s powerful enough to store multiple documents and research materials. Students are required to work on complex papers that are usually submitted in the form of Microsoft Office documents. This means that you can forget about completing and submitting a handwritten essay.

Since the dorm room doesn?t offer much space, a desktop computer is usually out of the question. Thus, you need to invest in a good laptop that will serve you well throughout the years at college. You don?t have to go for the most powerful gaming machine; choose something humbler and less distracting. However, you should definitely go for big storage and a high-quality processor. Think about the amount of money you can afford and purchase the best laptop that fits within that budget. This can mean only one thing: you need to hunt for a discount!

Status is not that important, so don?t go for a Mac as the most obvious choice. Brands like Acer, Asus and Dell offer comparable quality and capacity for a much better price. Before you spend money, check if your college has a program that enables its students to purchase discounted laptops on campus. You?ll get a good price if you go for the models the college suggests, but you?ll also purchase something that will provide proper support through the college program.


If you own a light laptop, then a tablet may not be necessary. However, you should definitely invest in this device if you can afford it. A tablet fits somewhere between the smartphone and the laptop. That doesn?t make it obsolete; this device is awesome for reading digital books and textbooks. Plus, it enables you to take notes during the class and work on basic assignments without the need to carry the laptop everywhere you go.


If you haven?t been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably own this device already. You simply cannot function with a basic phone at college nowadays. Communication is much more than speaking over the phone and sending texts; your entire social life at college is practically dependent upon the smartphone.

You need to install some useful apps, such as Venmo, Mint, Remember the Milk, Find My iPhone, and Viber. All these launches are meant to make your life easier in different aspects: communication, organizing, budgeting, and even studying. You can use your smartphone to record lectures, so you?ll have easy access to the content without having to take confusing notes.

It would be wise to equip your device with attachable speakers, so you can listen to these lectures when it?s studying time. You don?t want to make that additional investment? Try placing your smartphone in a large plastic cup and you?ll instantly get a boosted sound. How cool is that?

Extra storage

As a college student, you will be too attached to the essays and projects you write, as well as the cool presentations you make. Deleting them is out of the question. No matter what the capacity of your laptop is, you?ll need more storage sooner or later. This may be the time to consider purchasing an external hard drive. Before you make that investment, try using iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox as more affordable (or even free) options.

Portable charger

When your proper functions as a college student depend on technology, the need for a portable charger is obvious. You can choose a versatile charger that works for different smartphones and tablets. Due to the extended mobility, your devices will never let you down. The Jackery Giant+ is a good option, since it works as a portable charger and an external battery for iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, and Android devices.

The charger is really small in size, so you won?t have any trouble carrying it in your backpack.

Extra Tips: Use the Full Potential of Technology!

All above-listed devices may be a serious investment, but they will save you money on the long run. For example, you can study from digital textbooks ? that strategy will certainly be beneficial for your budget. In addition, you can attend an online course and get extra credits without wasting too much time and energy running around campus. Go digital whenever you can; the opportunities are endless!

The best part is that you can submit all your assignments via email or a special platform recommended by your professor. Even if you are required to provide a hard copy, you don?t have to invest in a printer; you can easily print out the document at the campus library. You don?t want to attract students asking to get their papers printed, so you might want to save your money and skip purchasing this device.

To wrap things up, let?s make one thing clear: you may feel free to use your devices for fun and relaxation too! College is not all about studying; you also need to enjoy! Your laptop and tablet will also serve for streaming TV services, so you can watch Netflix or Hulu whenever you have free time on your hands. However, don?t forget that your devices should mainly serve as a studying aid, not a distraction.

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