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Top 5 Smartphones Running Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS You Cannot Buy Just Yet

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HTC and Samsung already made their latest smartphones available in the market. But the year is still halfway and other manufacturers will soon release their smartphones. Here is the list of upcoming devices unavailable yet that you may choose to buy later on.

Apple iPhone 6

WWDC event is coming soon which can give you enough hints on what Apple might be keeping all this time, ?as new Android smartphones are released. Rumours said that iPhone 6 will have two variants that both feature large screen displays, emulating larger smartphones and a phablet-sized version.


User interface of LG G3 leaked recently indicating upcoming release soon. It features all-new flat and vanilla UI with a new service called Concierge that acts like a virtual assistant and query helpdesk, similar to Google Now. In addition, LG G3 will boast a 2K or QHD display resolution for more immersive viewing.

Nokia Lumia 930

New pride of Microsoft and Nokia that offers the brand-new Windows Phone 8.1 OS that comes with Cortana virtual assistant, various Sense services, 1080p display screen, quad-core processor, 20 MP primary camera with better application, 2 GB of RAM and easy personalisation features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

One of the hottest devices coming out later this year is the Galaxy Note 4. According to recent reports, it features three-sided display that goes all the way to the back that serves as keeper of your notifications. Moreover, it will be the first Galaxy phablet to have IP 67 dust and water resistance rating and 2K display resolution.

Sony Xperia Z2

Although it is available for pre-orders, Sony Mobile is still managing stock volumes to serve up all consumers who wish to purchase the new Xperia smartphones. Based on recent events, Sony Mobile could begin full throttle sale of the device in stores next month, while customers who made pre-orders last month are now receiving the handset from their respective retailers.

All of these high-end smartphones are exciting and can definitely serve up your needs, do not forget that they feature new technologies making them very expensive. You may want to start saving up now to have enough funds once they are released in the market.

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