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Top 5 Reasons Why You Still Need an iPod in This Generation of Smartphones

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This is officially the generation of smartphones. We do not know for sure since when people got addicted to glass-like smooth and large screens, dual core and LTE connections, gaming, fitness and just-about-everything apps and fingerprint sensors. Cellular phones with keypads are so 1999, as people say these days. iPhone 5s or 5c, S4 or S5, Nokia X or Sony Z1? You name it! You got to have one of these “smartphones” if you want to be “in” and be part of the popular bunch these days.

But even if we are living in a materialistic age, I have not abandoned my one true buddy after all these years – my iPod. Even with all the devices that are being released by technology giants today, I can say for sure, and with conviction, that the iPod is still a good purchase. Which iPod, you say? All of them. The iPod Touch is the most popular now, but the Shuffle, Nano and Classic versions are just as efficient. Still not convinced? Let me, my dear friend.

  • It is the ultimate music player. An iPod is not an iPod for nothing. For music lovers like me, I want a separate device for solely playing music. Nothing more, nothing less. You can fill your iPod with all the music you want in the world, from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and up to this day. No need to worry about running out space for the iPod. Why? Because there is nothing to fill the device with but music. So become the music lover that you truly are with your iPod, whatever genre and generation may you be listening to. Use your iPod Classic to truly satisfy your music needs.
  • The chances of the iPod running out of juice is low. What is the weak point of our smartphones? You got that right. Batteries. Because the iPod’s primary use is to just play music, you surely won’t run out of juice to use when traveling to far places, run an errand for your mom or take photos for your homework. In fact, your iPod can play up to 12 continuous hours! It would not hurt to use your smartphone once in a while to play some songs, but it is better for us to save our phone’s batteries for more important things – like texting and calling our loved ones.
  • The iPod is also ?the best game buddy. For iTouch?owners out there, I know you can relate to this one. It is the perfect alternative to non-portable Playstations,?Xboxes?and Nintendos. Plus, there are amazing games and apps you can download for free or with payment in the Apple store.


  • It can be your “I don’t want to ruin my smartphone” kind of device. When you are going through a filthy hike in the mountains, going camping in the forest or just traveling somewhere far, you can use your iPod while your smartphone?is safe and dry in your pocket or bag. Who wants to fiddle with phones while doing something that involves dirt? The iPod Shuffle is perfect for instances like this. You can clip it conveniently to your shirt or bag.


  • You can use it to store old pictures and memories from the past. Our smartphones?contain, as expected, much updated parts of our lives. More often than not, we find ourselves deleting old files from our smartphone?because we lack the storage capacity. If you don’t want to delete old memories, why not store them in your iPod? Whenever you need to look through some photos for nostalgic purposes, your old but trusted iPod can help you with that. This is iPod Nano’s specialty.


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