Top 5 One Piece Manga Secrets that Need to be Revealed This 2016

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One Piece Manga

Now on its 835th chapter, One Piece Manga has come a long way since its 1997 debut. Aside from the amazing art and characters, the nerve-racking plot twists of One Piece gave the series its success. Fans can?t help but continue to follow Luffy and his gang because of their exciting adventures and the unpredictability of the whole series.

Here are 5 One Piece manga secrets that need to be revealed this year:

#5 Shiki?s location

Shiki was defeated by Segoku/Garp and was sent to Impel Down. He escaped and then began his 20 year plan. Could Shiki be somewhere in the New World? Some say he will show up anytime now and perhaps as a main arc villain.

#4 Jinbe?s unfinished business

Luffy?s crew invited Jinbe to join them but Jinbe refused, saying he had other things to do first. Now that we know that Jinbe is with Big Mom, we?ll probably know soon what kept him from joining the Straw Hats aside from not being able to leave Big Mom. Some say Jinbe he had to work as an assassin or a spy. Which one is it and what exactly did he do? Hopefully we find out soon on the next few chapters.

One Piece Manga

#3 Ivankov?s Recipes.

In manga chapter 595, Sanji asked Ivankov to teach him the art of attack cuisine that makes the bodies stronger just by eating the dish. To which Ivankov replied that the 99 recipes can only be learned by someone who has made his heart like a maiden’s and learned Newkama Kenpo. Rumors surfaced that Sanji was able to learn these 99 recipes and used it on himself, thus, making him really strong. Sanji could be debuting a new technique in the coming chapters, could it be the Newkama Kenpo?

#2 Brook?s connection with the Vinsmokes.

When Brook learned that Sanji is a Vinsmoke, he had a very suspicious reaction. It was like Brook feared them. In chapter 814, it was revealed that the Vinsmokes is a family of assassins. So there are speculations that the Vinsmokes were the ones who assassinated the Rumbar Pirates.

Or could it be that Brook was a guard for the Vinsmokes? We all know that prior to being Captain of Rumbar, Brook was a convoy leader of a battle fleet of some kingdom he did not mention.

#1 Crocodile is a Woman.

Who would have thought that this former president of Baroque Works, looking all mafia and brute would turn out to be a woman in the past? Yes rumor has it that Crocodile was born as a woman and she was later transformed into a man using Ivankov?s Devil fruit powers. This could be the secret Ivankov was teasing Crocodile about at one time. More so, see this drawing of young Crocodile by Oda, Crocodile could easily be mistaken as a girl.

One Piece Manga One Piece Manga

Another theory surfaced that the reason why Crocodile wants to fight Whitebeard is that back when Crocodile was a woman, Whitebeard did not want to take him (or her). Whitebeard doesn?t let women fight, more so join the crew. This makes Crocodile mad and asks Ivankov to change her into a man. Whitebeard still did not take the newly transformed Crocodile and this enraged him all the more.

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