Top 5 New Android Games You Should Be Downloading Now

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Looking for new games to enjoy, why not try these 5 games that will keep you occupied for hours, and the best part; they are all free!


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

If you are a fan of card games and Warcraft, then this is just for you. Hearthstone is made for everyone to be able to play even without any knowledge of previous card games. Its simple game rules also makes it harder to master, with hundreds of cards to collects and limitless deck builds to create and discover, and not to mention the constant content updates to bring you more cards to hunt. Hearthstone will keep you hooked for hours.


Dragon Blaze

If you are into online party-based RPGs with an incredible art style, then you should download Dragon Blaze. With an art style similar that from Vanillaware?s Odin Sphere and Dragon?s Crown along with an addicting RPG dungeon running gameplay similar to Brave Frontier. It also has daily activities like bonus exps and drop rates as well as GM achievement rewards and with the release of the Chapter 2 update, Dragon Blaze will sure to keep you hooked for a while.

future fight

Marvel Future Fight

Its Marvel meets Dungeon Hunter in this latest Marvel mobile game. You can play as any of the popular Marvel superheroes and clear out villains in every stage for a chance to collect items to unlock more characters. And with the current tie-in with recently released Marvel films such as Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron where it features exclusive costumes and characters from the movies. Both comic and movie fans of Marvel will be getting a heck of a ride.


Guardian Hunter: SuperBrawlRPG

This action RPG will remind you of the good old fast paced console games with its intense gameplay and cute character designs. You can get to summon guardians to aid you in combat and collect more powerful guardians or even evolve them to a much powerful one. And if you get lazy, they also feature the auto hunt mode and let the AI do the hunting chores.


Adventure Time Puzzle Quest

How to make a puzzle game more awesome? Add a hint of Adventure Time. Join Jake and Finn as they embark in an awesome quest and fight epic battles. Vanquish foes by matching 3 similar gems. You can add some of the Adventure Time characters as one of your party members where they can provide powerful abilities, level them up more and unlock more awesome skills.

We hope you all enjoy our list of Android games that you can try, if you have some awesome game finds that you want to share, don?t be shy and leave a comment below for your suggestions.

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