Top 5 Must Read Webtoons This Week: Siren’s Lament, Oh! Holy and More!

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Must Read Webtoons

With colorful pages and amazing reading experience, the Webtoons App is truly a great way to discover new artists and comics. Here are the top 5 must read webtoons this week.

#1 Siren?s Lament

If you like the mermaid and fantasy genre, Siren?s Lament is a very good webtoon series to follow. It begins with the story of an ordinary girl named Lyra, who one day gets dragged to the world of sirens. She becomes entangled in a curse and a love she couldn?t embrace.

Siren?s Lament has the rating of 9.73/10 and is updated every Saturday. Currently on episode 38.

#2 Oh! Holy

This webtoon is a hilarious supernatural love story. It is about a gloomy loner boy who can see ghosts. One day the most popular girl in school takes interest in him and follows him around. A tragedy befalls the school idol and now Jamie feels the need to save her.

Oh! Holy has now gotten a rating of 9.73/10 and is updated every Monday.

#3 Tower of God

This webtoon is one of the longest running series featured in the Webtoon App. This fantasy – action drama is about a boy called Twenty Fifth Bam. He has spent his life trapped in a mysterious tower and in order to find his companions, he must face challenges on every floor.

Catch Tower of God every Monday. Currently on its 225th webtoon episode.

#4 unTouchable

Must Read Webtoons

This romance webtoon is about a modern day vampire named Sia Lee, who feeds by absorbing energy by means of touching a human. One day, Sia accidentally touches Jiho, a human who has a condition called mysophobia. ?What started as a plan to prey on him ends up as a vampire ? human love affair.

unTouchable has a rating of 9.57/10 and is updated every Monday. Currently on its 121st webtoon episode.

#5 Miss Abbot and the Doctor

Another must read webtoon series is Miss Abbot and the Doctor. This victorian rom-com is a about a simple doctor who gets his life turned upside down when trouble maker, Miss Abbot, arrives in town.

Updated every Saturdays, this webtoon series has gotten a rating of 9.78/10.

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