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Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Moments in Video Games

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There are lots of things that you need to understand about video games. Video games are not only entertaining but you can also learn some of the wonderful stories behind it. It is like watching a series or a movie and you, as player, are part of every event that is happening around it. Though most of the games that we can find in most consoles or PC?s are manlier, some of the scenes might be a little bit soft. You will never know unless you play it.

Final Fantasy VII

Probably the first scene that made teen gamers cry like someone took their candy, the death of Aerith from Final Fantasy VII is definitely a heart-breaking scene. In this scene, Sephiroth just did his thing and then boom, she died. No Pheonix down can be able to save her and her pearls starts falling into the ground while the music plays a really sad tune.

Gears of War 2

How far would you go to save your wife? Well, if you have any of course. Even a manly guy would shed a tear as this scene is full of feels. Dom in Gears of War discovered his wife is underground and screwed up, deciding that she is beyond any help; he took her behind the shed and shoots her. The scene advocates euthanasia. Dom saw his wife suffered enough, shared a couple of words of promise, and shoots her out of love.

Red Dead Redemption

You would do everything for your family. John Marston is a good man and a good father. Settled in a farm with wife and kid, he believed the lie of security. Feds showed up everywhere and turns him into a human Swiss cheese. Son picks up the gun and there goes the old fashion revenge.

Assassin?s Creed II

A death in the family is something to mourn. His father and brother were good people and did nothing wrong. But after a treacherous event that led to the execution of his family right in front of him, Ezio took up the vow and went assassinating people responsible for their deaths.

Max Payne

He?s a sad man, enough said. First they kill his family, found a new love and was killed too. Max was in-love with Mona Sax and she ends up having a bullet in her tummy and died in his arms.

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