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Top 5 Indie Games for 2015 That You Should Be Playing Today

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Looking for great games that are not from popular publishers and developers? Why not try some of these awesome games from independent developers?

Indie games are getting their well-deserved recognition from the past years, and they can even surpass the quality of high production game studios and better, get great critic feedback from players and critics. If you are the person who has not tried playing an indie game, and plans to try the latest ones, here are five indie games that were released in 2015 that you should try out


Axiom Verge

One man managed to create an incredible game, Thomas Happ took him years to complete Axiom Verge, a homage to everything Metroid-vania. An old-school feel to the game where it definitely reminds you of the 1994 classic Super Metroid for the SNES. If you are a type who likes side-scrolling shooting and exploration, you should get Axiom Verge.


Her Story

More of an interactive story, but still considered a game. The story is written by Sam Barlow; who is also known for his work in Silent Hill: Shattered Dimension, Her Story puts you in a 90?s computer screen, where you examine clips of interview videos, finding out if the suspect being featured in the video is indeed guilty of murder. If you are into mystery solving games and wants to experience a more depth story, then pick Her Story.


Ori & The Blind Forest

A sidescrolling platform game with incredible visuals that could rival top game studios, Ori & the Blind Forest shows a beautiful presentation of its levels and still manage to have a solid gameplay, it even has a great storyline that could make you teary eyed after finishing the game. This is a must buy game if you are into great visuals and a solid platforming game.


Titan Souls

An ultra-difficult game that got inspirations from Dark Souls and Shadows of Colossus. You take control of a boy who will journey through beautifully made pixel art landscapes and must vanquish a series of titans. The game is unforgiving and you must rely on your quick thinking, reflex and strategy and you are only equipped with one arrow and you must find the weak spot of every Titan you encountered in order to defeat them. If you are okay with ultra-hard games and forces you to repeat a battle over and over until you get it right, then Titan Souls is for you.


Rocket League

It is football with cars, this game has become one of the most addictive and well-received games this year, and it?s from a major game developer. Another example that indie games are not just 2D pixel art games, they can also be 3D games that could rival any triple a game publishers. If you want a multiplayer game with crazy gameplay and simple mechanics, then get Rocket League

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