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Top 5 Hottest Female Video Game Characters

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Getting a girlfriend is tougher than fighting a war for most of men. There are lots of factors that you need to consider such as looks, personality, wealth, and many other things. This is the reason that made people to resort to fictional characters and fantasize about them.

Gamers know the feeling, or most of them, at least. There is a legend on the internet that if you remain a virgin for 40 years, you became a wizard. And here?s the list of the hottest girls of video game history whom wizards point their wands at.

Top 5

Mai Shiranui ? King of Fighters

MaiMai Shiranui masters the art of deception with her incredible, almost non-existing clothing and massive bumpers. She wields a fan and makes it flame to keep you warm and hot, literally. She is Andy Bogart?s girlfriend whom she pledged to follow.





Top 4

Morrigan- Dragon Age Origins


The Witch of the Wild?s daughter in the Dragon Age: Origins game, Morrigan is one seductive mage that ?would freeze you solid hard. Asked by her mother to follow you on your journey, Morrigan knows how to make you wild.




Top 3

Tifa Lockhart ? Final Fantasy VII


And who would ever forget this hot chick who knows how to kick butts, owns a bar, and wears tight clothes and shorts? Final Fantasy?s Tifa Lockhart is one Cloud Strife?s companion that will definitely make you drool. You can do the math; hot chick, tight clothes, and free beer.




Top 2

Samus Aran ? Metroid


Who would have thought that the heavy armored Samus Aran turned out to be a girl; not just a girl but an incredibly hot girl? For those who played the original Metroid, her head is totally covered with her helm but when you finished it, alas, there?s one hot girl beneath the armor. It?s like ?Don?t judge the book by its armor? or something like that.



Top 1

Lara Croft ? Tomb Raider


No one knows guns better than this babe, Lara Croft of Tomb Raider. Over the past few years of its game development, she?s developed fine as well. This girl knows her guns and she knows where to put it. She?s not only gorgeous, but incredibly skilled and smart.? Not only a survivor, but she can also take lots of punishments and still come back standing.


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