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Top 5 Devices in Mobile World Congress

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?Top 5 Devices in Mobile World Congress


The party is over.

And which gadget or device has emerged victorious?

We have the top five devices that ruled the MWC 2014 (not in order of ?awesomeness?).


1. Samsung Galaxy S5


As expected, the Samsung Galaxy is a top contender, but, this impressive gadget probably got too much hype that attendees were actually disappointed that it did not have the ?awesome? factor that everyone thought it would have on its unveiling. It came with new features ? the fingerprint reader, a bigger size than the Galaxy S4 (the S5 has a 5.1 inch size compared to the 5 inch of the S4), waterproof, a monitor for your heart rate and packs more power with a 3GB Ram and 2.5 Ghz quadcore chipset. Other than that, it looked and felt very similar to the S4. Despite a mild let-down, it was still one of the stars of the show.


2. Samsung Gear Fit


If the S5 was a bit of disappointment due to the massive build-up that surrounded it before the launch, the Gear Fit on the other hand proved to be a pleasant surprise.

No one was expecting a smartwatch to come up with ?awesomeness? in this year’s MWC. Most pundits were predicting a smartwatch to watch in the 2015 Mobile World Congress.

But, Samsung presented a smartwatch that can lay claim to the ?best? smartwatch in the market right now with the Gear Fit.

And what does the Gear Fit have to back this up?

It is focused on fitness. Plain and simple.

The Gear Fit also has a stylish 1.8 inch curved display that veers away from the usual square design with an elongated and slim shape.

Beautiful and focused.

This is what makes the Samsung Gear Fit a winner.


3. Nokia XL


An Android Nokia (or Android compatible since it cannot use many Android apps)

Enough said.

No, there’s more.

The Nokia XL ? a 5 megapixel, 5 inch smartphone with a touchscreen and a price of approximately US$ 150 Dollars.

Now that’s awesome.



4. The Yotaphone 2


A smartphone with two screens. Not impressed?

One screen is a standard Android 4.3 inches touchscreen. On the other side is a display with ?e-ink? (the display seen in the Kindle or other e-readers).

The purpose of such an innovative design is to let the user switch from using a regular touchscreen smartphone and an e-reader that uses low level power for reading lengthy material.

The switch to the ?e-ink? allows the user to extend battery life to up to five times if the user does the same activity on a regular smartphone touchscreen.

It’s a must for persons who do a lot of reading on their phones.

5. The Blackphone


What many are calling the ?Snowden Phone? because of its claim to protect your data from the NSA is one of those gadgets that exploded with surprising ?awesomeness?. ( Read our previous article on ?What is a Blackphone? at : ).

The Blackphone uses an Android OS but has been ?tooled? to enable the user to protect their phone’s data from being shared (if you don’t want to). Users can still configure their phone to be accessible to social networks and other apps (although you might not be the target market for this phone, it’s still good to have the option). With a price tag of approximately US$ 650 Dollars, it is surely a small price to pay for being free from the watchful eyes of ?Big Brother?.

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