Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gamers Guaranteed To Make Them Love You More

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Christmas gift ideas
Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas

Its that time of the year when you need to head out and figure out what to get for your gaming husband, son, brother, and boyfriend?(or girlfriend). If you?re reading this, then odds are you’ve run out of Christmas gift ideas this holiday season. For someone who doesn?t play games, buying a gift for a gamer is like having a guy pick out clothes for his girl.

There?s too much variety across platforms, genres, and latest trends. Odds are, winging it may result in you getting that person something either outdated, unwanted, or even completely unusable.

But lucky for you we?ve got you covered! This is our top 5 Christmas gift ideas for gamers! Odds are, one or two, or everything here would be a best buy for your special gamer, and here’s why!

PS4 Pro

The PS4 Pro is great buy for your gamer if he still doesn?t own one. The PS4 Pro trumps the Xbox One since it simply has better exclusive games for 2016. Also, the line-up of powerhouse triple A titles for 2017 has also been released.

The decision to crown which console is better in each generation, and it?s always primarily dependent on their games. Hands down, the PS4 Pro won 2016 and is already set to win 2017 as well.

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If you don?t know what type of games they?like, then that’s enough?reason for you to get them the PS4 Pro. The line up for 2017 is already set to have a great potentially award winning game for every genre. ?We?re pretty sure there will be more than a handful of games on the PS4 Pro that will thrill your gamer this holiday season.

You can also opt to buy the PS4 if you?re on a budget. The PS4 retails for about $300 on average while the PS4 Pro is set at $400. If you?re wondering if the extra $100 is worth it, it is there if your gamer has an interest in VR. Speaking of VR…

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle

Playstation VR is another main reason why you should invest in the PS4 Pro. The Playstation VR is the most affordable VR experience priced at around $500 for the controllers, camera, and headset.

Sure it may seem pricey, but mind that the two alternatives: HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift cost at around $600 and $800 respectively. Plus, you need to count in the fact that your gamer should have a powerful PC that would cost at around $800 dollars to be able to run decent VR.

VR is currently the next frontier in gaming, providing a whole new and innovative way of playing game altogether. But it?s also not for everyone. So we?d advise that you knit-pick and figure out if you gaming is interested in VR.

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Nintendo NES Classic Edition

If your gamer is in his late 20s and beyond and has been gaming ever since his childhood then the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is a great buy. This console basically lets your gamer play all of the best retro NES games of it?s time.

Its essentially a nostalgia console that any gamer who’s played the NES would love for only $60. The only downside to getting this is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to find. Worst case scenario, you might have to scavenge Ebay for scalpers reselling this at three to five times it?s original price.

Gaming Chair

If your gamer plays games on his computer a lot, and only owns a basic computer chair, then this is definitely a good buy.

Often times, binge-gaming sessions will often times have your gamer sit in an awkward playing position for hours on end. Having an amazing computer/gaming chair is phenomenal.

The stigma with gaming chairs and why not a lot of gamers opt to buy one is because they don?t know what they?re missing. But often times, when they experience gaming on a comfy gaming chair added into their current set up, they simply can?t go on without one.

As to what specific kinds of gaming chairs to buy, there is a lot out on Amazon at different price points for everyone. We recommend getting one that may appeal to your gamer?s preferences.

If your gamer wants a sporty chair that looks like a F1 car?s seat, then go for it! If your gamer wants something more subtle, then you have more than enough choices as well.

Final Fantasy XV

This is one of the hottest games of the year, period. You can go google the reviews right now to see how amazing this game is to gamers everywhere. If your gamer has a PS4, Xbox One, or you?re planning to get him one of these two consoles, then this is the perfect gift.

And that?s our top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for gamers this holiday season. Hopefully this helps you find that perfect gift for your special gamer this holiday season!

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