Top 5 Best Parental Control Apps For Android Smartphones and Tablets

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The best parental control app on Android – Net Nanny, Norton Family, MMGuardian, and more!

It?s frustrating for parents to see their children glued onto their phones or tablets all the time. Even more frightening, little kids these days can easily access tons of inappropriate content on the Internet at any time. The following list of some of the best parental control apps aims to help busy parents track the activities of their kids and protect them from the Internet?s bad side.

MMGuardian? Parental Control

This Android parental control app works by simply installing it on the child?s smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions to link it with the parent?s phone. ?The app functions by restricting phone usage duration, app usage, calls & texts, and for teens it can even prevent texting while driving. The app is free for the first 14 days, after which parents need to pay $ 3.99 per month to continue enjoying premium features. The free version lets parents send an SMS to the phone in order to locate it or have it emit a loud sound.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a parental control app focused more on preventing inappropriate or adult material from getting into the child?s device. Along with app management, parents can utilize Net Nanny?s features on the device itself or via remote access. ?The latter will enable parents to configure their child?s phone through any desktop browser. This Android parental control app offers 18 filter categories and can be set to Allow, Warn, or Block.

Famigo: Child Safety Lock

Famigo provides a controlled environment where the child can only access selected apps predetermined by the parent. This parental control app will automatically add any already-installed apps it believes suitable for a younger audience. It?s a simple and effective app that let?s parent try a fully featured version for seven days. After that period, parent can choose between two subscription plans; the basic plan offers phone lock, Kid Web Browser and Famigo TV for $ 0.99 per month; the Plus version is priced $ 4.99 and offers a host of age-appropriate apps worth $ 20 that parents can download for free.

Norton Family

Norton Family allows parents to fully monitor their children?s online activity. This Android parental control app tracks Internet usage, providing parents a glimpse of all the websites that their kids have been visiting. It has a feature, which parents can modify and activate, that will automatically block inappropriate websites. Basic features including the one mentioned are free, but a paid premium version offers more options like text message monitoring, app restriction and management, along with a weekly or monthly online activity report.

Canary – Teen Safety

One of the most noble (but anxiety-inducing) way of showing your teen-aged children that you trust them is by allowing them to drive their own car. But one Android parental control app is determined to lessen this worry. Canary – Teen Safety apps works by alerting parents if their teen son or daughter is using their phones while driving. It can even notify parents if their children are driving beyond speed limits. One cool feature of this app is the option to geo-fence safe and familiar areas and mark off areas that are off-limits to the teen-aged child. If the phone detects that the teen-ager has wandered outside the pre-set area or goes outside beyond the curfew time, the parent will be notified. The parental control app has a free 7 ?day trial and asks $ 14.99 for a permanent subscription.


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