Top 5 Best Funny Android Apps To Make You All LOL, LMAO and ROFL

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Not sure which funny Android app to have on your phone or tablet? Check out our round-up of Android apps that will always give a mood boost

Laughter is the best medicine, right? So why are you still skimping on having any funny Android?apps on your device? ?If you already did get one, party hats off to you. If not, don?t be ashamed; check out our list of 5 of the best funny Android ?apps to have on your phone or tablet.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump lets players control a bug and help it reach the top by jumping on floating platforms. This funny Android app is described as such because, well, how else would you describe a game with bugs as protagonists? And it?s simple, sweet, colorful and doodly interface is certainly not capable of bringing frowns to its users. The app uses your phone or tablet?s gyroscope to control the game and lets the bug avoid bad insects along the way.

Funny Jokes

As its name suggests, this funny Android app would definitely not be left out in this list. Funny Jokes is an app that is specially optimized for a better tablet experience; but that doesn?t mean that smartphone users will have a hard time enjoying it. The app boasts of thousands of elaborate jokes and one-liners from categories such as Yo Momma Jokes, Chuck Norris facts, blond jokes, riddles, dirty jokes, and lots more. Of course, users will be able to share those via SMS or their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Finger Lie Detector

On the surface, this funny Android app is apparently a high-tech, futuristic fingerprint scanner that will determine if a person is telling the truth or not. Well, not literally ? if you really hoped that it does what its name says. As its Google Play description says, ?Finger Lie Detector is the perfect app to tell jokes to your friends. It pretends to be a Polygraph and tells if your friend is telling the truth or is lying. It can display TRUE or FALSE after your friend puts his finger on a scanning pad and answers the question.?

LOL Pics

If cute animal pictures do not tickle your funny bone or trigger any positive emotion out of you, then you truly are the most heartless, stone-faced, emotionless freak to have ever walked the earth. If you?re not like that, this funny Android app may probably be already installed on your phone. It gives users their daily dose of hilarious pictures to laugh at and share to their social media friends.


Perhaps this funny Android app does nothing but kill you with its own brand of over-the-top cuteness. Pou is an alien creature that you take in as a pet and gives you lots of pleasure by feeding, washing, and playing with it. It somehow reminds people of the previously popular Tamagochi, a handheld digital pet which made waves in the 1990s.


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