Top 5 Best Android Launchers To Transform Your Homescreen

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Some of the best Android launchers to spice up your boring homescreens

Some of the best Android launchers to spice up your boring homescreens.

If you?re still unaware, an Android launcher is an app that replaces your phone?s homescreen and gives it a new, customizable appearance. Android devices usually come with the stock Google launcher or those that came from manufacturers like Samsung. If you?re tired of your phone?s default launcher, install these useful and well-built Android launcher alternatives to spice things up.


Aviate hails from the labs of Yahoo and boasts of an intuitive feature that will be able to show you a collection of predetermined apps depending on your location. This Android launcher can cluster your apps into customizable themes like Home, Photography, Morning Routine, and Going Somewhere. You have the option to set the location of your work or home then the Aviate launcher, with your permission, will detect this and show you a collection of relevant apps as you arrive.

GO Launcher EX

This Android launcher is one of the most popular in this category. GO Launcher Ex offers over 5,000 themes to choose from and various widgets that can be downloaded directly from its own Go Store. Its remarkable features include app management functions (sorting and hiding apps), fluid transition animations, and gesture controls. Unlike most Android launchers out there, Go Launcher Ex will work starting on Android OS version 2.0 and up.

Nova Launcher

This launcher application is the oldest in this list but is also the most customizable. Nova Launcher lets you customize everything ?grid size, icons, transition speed, animations, and lots more. This Android launcher app is recognized as one of the most light-weight, fastest, and frequently updated app in its field.


Similar to Nova, the Apex Launcher combines user-friendly interface and smooth performance with a fair amount of customization options. Some noteworthy features of this launcher include a handy tablet mode where users can finally rotate their homescreens and the Apex Notifier service wherein notifications are displayed on homescreen widgets.

Google Now Launcher????????????????????????????????

Formerly available only to Google KitKat devices, the Google Now Launcher is now available in the Play Store. Just because it came from Google doesn?t necessarily mean that it?s dull. This Android launcher is always accessible by swiping from the left side of your phone?s screen. It lets you pull up button-less voice controls and transparent window bar widgets and shortcuts. And because it comes with the massive information brought about by Google Now, it will let you quickly access all the info you need right from your device?s homescreen.


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