Top 5 Best Android Games For June 2014 You Can Download For Free

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5 of the best Android games for June 2014 you can download for free

Are you a certified mobile gaming freak or just a regular “Joe” who wants to pass the time playing games? Whoever you are, here are five of the best Android games in recent weeks that made it to our list. Best of all, they?re free!

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft has been known to emulate PC game principles and bring them to mobile games. But in doing so, they have gathered mixed results. With Asphalt 8: Airborne, that is clearly not the case. This Android game is one of the best in the racing category; it?s amazing that they?ve given this out for free. With its user-friendly controls, gorgeous graphics, new locations and luxury cars, Asphalt 8: Airborne is an obvious winner.

Dungeon Hunter 4

This Android game is a fantasy, role-playing game (RPG) that takes players into a mysterious world packed with strange evil beings, magic, and knights. Dungeon Hunter 4 has been pegged as the ?Diablo? of mobile games. With characters such as mage, sentinel, or blade master, you can recruit your friends and use tons of spells and weapons to vanquish all evil forces forever.


Lumosity started out as a web-based game and has moved to the mobile turf with considerable success. It is a brain-training app composed of a collection of mini games designed to stretch all your neurons. In its Google Play listing, it is described as a game ?designed by neuroscientists to train memory, attention, and more. With foundations in the study of neuroplasticity.” Claiming to have over 60 million players, the popular game has recently been launched on the Android platform.

Galaxy on Fire 2? HD

?Prepare your blasters and navigate the vast expanse of the universe to save galaxies. In the Galaxy on Fire 2? HD game, you will control a high-tech spaceship, travel through space, battle enemies, and even mine for money. This Android game offers an irresistible 10+ hours of gameplay as well as DLC unlockables that awards you with story add-ons and extra missions. Its mouth-watering graphics, accessible flight controls, and amazing plot will give several PC games a run for their money.

Dead Trigger 2

You?ll feel an eerie sense of fulfillment after spending a long train ride killing off a horde of gory, undead beings. In Dead Trigger 2, you need to fight for your life and use different weapons to survive the zombie apocalypse. With its simple mechanics and an addictive, deep crafting system, Dead Trigger 2 is an Android game you must have on your devices.


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