Top 5 Android apps every Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One M8 user needs on their phone

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When you have a Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One M8, there are some must-have Android apps that every user must have. This is regardless of what kind of lifestyle you have; you have a smartphone, you need to use it to its full potential, or at the very least make it work for you for more than the basic phone functions of messaging and calling.

So if you?re looking for the best Android apps for your smartphone, here?s our top 5:

1. Viber, Whatsapp, Wechat or online messengers

Don?t rely on paid texts and free messages from your carrier. Take advantage of your internet plan or home WiFi and send messages to your friends on family for free. We haven?t ranked the messaging apps since your choice depends on what your contacts are using the most. You may even have to get more than one if your circle of friends and family have different services.

2. Instagram

Your Android phone probably has an awesome camera so take advantage of it. Take photos directly on Instagram to post it on the social media website or share it on Facebook. You don?t have to take a photo with the camera and open another app to share it. You can do it all on Instagram. What?s more, you can browse so many other users? pics?including celebrities and your friends?.

3. Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you have to get their app. It lets you do everything that you can on Facebook if you were using a PC. It even has helpful chatheads that can become quick widgets when you?re chatting with someone on the social media website. Keep in mind, though, that you might see your battery drain quickly since Facebook didn?t bother to optimize the app for power usage.

4. Flipboard

Don?t log in to every single website you subscribe to on your mobile browser. Don?t ask for email updates. Use Flipboard to get daily updates from your social media accounts, news sites and other websites you frequent throughout your day. This news aggregator looks just like a flip board presentation (hence the name) and works with your social media accounts and a whole slew of websites to deliver you better-looking content.

5. Pocket

When you?ve read something or seen something on your browser and you want it with you to peruse again, this app saves all your articles, videos, pictures and online media in one place. Formerly called Read It Later, this app uses bookmarklets that can be installed on your PC, tablet and phone to save your content to your Pocket account. Once you open the app, all the things you?re decided to keep are there, ready for you to access. Paying for a subscription lets you keep your content even after it?s been gone from the internet!

So what are you waiting for? All these apps are available for free on the Google Play Store. Get these top 5 Android apps for your Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One M8 quickly, so you aren?t losing out on what your Android phone can give you!

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