Top 5 Addicting Websites to Spend/Kill Your Time Effectively

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A large percentage of people these days spend most of their time in front of computers. If you are online, you?re practically peeking through an entirely vast world of information. But what do average people do in front of computers? For most people, especially younger ones, they spend their time being online in social media sites like facebook, twitter, tumblr, YouTube etc. This may not seem ?productive? for some people and for those who do, things can sometimes get boring with these sites.

However, there are some sites which you can actually spend some time regularly without being stuck with the same content over and over again. Some of these are funny sites, but some are also informative and can make good use of your time. Here are a few sites where you can kill time and spend it effectively for dreary moments:

This site is one of the less popular sites around the net, but it caters hilarious pics from around the world that honestly misspells stuff on almost any occasion. Mostly coming from China while there are few ones from other countries as well. They come in the form of sign posts, menus for restaurants, T-shirts, etc. These misspelled words or English words translated in the wrong way, are funny most of the time, but this does not mean that the site is being ?racist? at all and it?s just about ?good humor.

One of the more popular ones. 9gag used to be a site for rage comics, and collections of memes around the world wide web. It is a collection of funny user-submitted images. Some are even informative and actually lets you learn a thing or two about what?s actually happening in the world. You can easily lose track of your time by being around the site, hence it was dubbed before as something who ?takes your soul? . Of course, that?s just being exaggerated.

Who doesn?t know about Wikipedia?s existence? Most people know this site as the to-go-to site for information and they are called as student?s ?best-friend?. This name couldn?t be more apt. You can actually try being on the site longer by searching for stuff you want to learn about without using Google all the time. The great thing about this site is you can actually create your own entries to this colossal collection of information. Some may see this a good way to promote something and prove it as legit. Wikipedia is a bookworms best option next to an actual encyclopedia.

We now go to the much more interesting side of the internet. This site is about how to flirt like a pro. How to cut a beer bottle in half. How to tell the difference between a prostitute and an undercover cop.? How to steal a Guinness record for free throwing. How to turn your car into an armored tank. How to levitate a Zippo flame. How to detect nukes.? is a delicious buffet of engineering, ingenuity, and curiosity. You might want to try most of the things you?ll find here if you are the type of person who likes doing ?unique YOLO stuff? though there?s no real need to do them in real-life and you can just enjoy watching the instructional videos instead.


Of course it is a great site to hang out with. You can learn lots of cool stuff and information regarding almost everything around the internet in this site. Just like how you learned about good sites to kill your time, you can also read a huge number of informative articles on this site. Many of them are entertaining as well. Be sure to check the site out regularly for a daily dose of information tech news and other interesting facts as well.

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