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Top 4 Dating Apps for Singles

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Top 4 Dating Apps

Finding love can be a tricky thing. We all know the pain of a broken heart. Some of us are lucky enough and get their true love without any hiccups but for most of us finding that one person isn?t that easy. Sometimes we do find the perfect match but then things don?t work out and life moves on. Thanks to social networking, meeting and dating has become simpler than ever. In this article we will take a look at top 5 dating apps that you can use to meet and date new people. Hopefully, by using these apps, you will be able to find your true love.


Number one on our list, MillionaireMatch is the hottest dating app right now. Its unique selling proposition is that it?s built for the wealthy and elite from our society. Their members include CEOs, athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models and hollywood celebrities. Like Tinder you can swipe through profiles and see if you have a match, except these profiles may show them on a yacht or private plan. If you are someone who is looking for a rich partner with swag then this is the app that you should download. We found many of the members to be good looking and successful; who wouldn?t want to find that in a partner.

Ok Cupid

Ok Cupid is perhaps the oldest match maker on this list. It has been around for more than five years and has gained a lot of popularity. The service was initially started as a social networking website that offered dating services too. But as smart phones gained traction, it was extended to mobiles as an app. The app provides almost all of the features that the website provides. But one thing to remember is that Ok Cupid is a premium app, this means that there will be some features that won?t be available for free.


Tinder is completely free and is available on both Android and iOS platforms. This was a game changing app that introduced the swipe and see concept which is now a day?s being followed by many new dating apps. The profile is quite easy to set up and you don?t need to give too much information when using this app. It uses your smart phone?s GPS and provides you with pictures of single people from your area. Really easy to use, if you like a person then swipe left and if you want to see the next profile then swipe right.


If you are someone who thinks that dating apps are unsafe then this is the perfect dating app for you. Your fears are well justified as meeting random unknown people can be a bit troublesome sometimes. But this app takes the creepy factor out of the equation. Hinge displays to you only the profiles of those people who have at least one mutual friend with you. This way you can feel some connection between you and your date before finally meeting them and for being on the safer side you can also enquire about them from your mutual friends.

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