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Top 3 Tips to Avoid Pokemon GO Permaban

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Pokemon GO Permaban

Pokemon GO is certainly one of the best games to come out for the mobile platform in recent years. The highly addictive augmented reality game has everyone exploring their city in order to catch Pokemon in the real world. While many play Pokemon GO the way it is supposed to be played, several gamers are trying to find an edge over all others by resorting to cheating. This has led to Niantic dropping Pokemon GO permabans.

Before, Niantic disciplined cheaters by issuing a soft ban. The soft ban was a way for Niantic to prevent full functionality of the game for users who were suspected of cheating. Apparently, the soft bans did not do the trick as more and more cheaters popped up trying to take advantage of the game. Now, with the Pokemon GO permabans, the ban on the users are permanent and will completely prevent them from playing using their account.

So how exactly can a Pokemon GO player avoid a permaban? Here are some of the best tips that you should follow.

  • Do Not Use Bots ? Bots are apps or software which would help a user play Pokemon GO even without him actually doing anything. Using bots can help you level up and have progress in the game faster without moving an inch. Unfortunately, it can also lead to you getting a permaban. Avoid using any kind of bot to help prevent you from getting banned by Niantic.
  • Do Not Try GPS Spoofing ? Pokemon GO was meant to be played by going out in the real world to catch Pokemon. You would also need to travel outside of your home in order to hatch eggs, visit Pokestops and engage in Gym battles. Some users employ GPS spoofing techniques to fool the Pokemon GO app that they are somewhere else when in fact they are just sitting on their couch at home. This is definitely going to get you banned from Pokemon GO.
  • Placing Eggs in Pokemon Gyms ? Pokemon Gyms are meant to be a place where Pokemon trainers would battle their best Pokemon. Unfortunately, a glitch in the game allowed some trainers to leave a Pokemon Egg to defend a gym. The Egg does not have any HP so there is no way to battle with it. This means that the owner of the Pokemon Egg can simply collect the rewards given for defending a gym every 21 hours. While this may seem like a quick way to score some Stardust and PokeCoins, it can also get you a quick permaban from Niantic so do not be tempted to do it.

Make sure to follow these three tips and you will surely not have any problems with Pokemon GO permabans. Just enjoy the game and have a great time trying to ?catch ?em all!?

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