Top 3 Simple Android Launcher Apps For The Elderly or Visually-Challenged

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Simple Android launcher apps to strip all complexities off Android

Just like any other mobile operating systems (OS) out there, Google?s popular Android software has its own share of haters. For some, Android is a virus-prone OS that has a lot of complicated features that even the geekest of the geek would have a problem understanding. Add that to the fact that the OS looks different on every device from various manufactures and voila, you have a smartphone that is not smart enough to handle majority of non-techy people.

Yes, we?ve discussed a handful of great launchers previously, but the following list of the best simple Android launcher apps cater to a specific set of smartphone users. These launchers strive to strip off all the complexities of Android; making themselves as user-friendly as possible to address to the varying needs of the elderly and people with diminished vision.

BIG Launcher

This simple Android launcher is not free to download from Google Play ($ 10), but developers are offering a free demo version. Even with the price tag, BIG launcher is actually one of the most viable app in its category. While its interface would not win any aesthetic award, the launcher?s big and high contrast design is enough even to people with poorer eyesight.

The default home screen includes an alarm and cell signal with colorful buttons big enough not to warrant squinting. One key feature of this simple Android launcher is the built-in SOS button which users can click to call or send pre-determined text messages in case of emergency.

Wiser – Simple Launcher

Not only is Wiser easy to use, it is also easy to set up. With simple step-by-step instructions, all you need to do is ask your older relative to download it from Google Play. Once downloaded and set up, this simple Android launcher will bring six useful icons to the smartphone?s home screen: Dialer, Contacts, Camera, Messaging, Applications, and Gallery. These shortcuts are not changeable.

In the Dialer, the numbers are large and clear and from there it?s easy to add a new contact and access call logs. The ?Notice Board? is Wiser?s unique feature where all of the user?s notifications are arranged in an easier-to-read configuration. An arrow will blink on the display?s left side once a new notification arrives.

Necta Launcher

Necta is a simple Android launcher that offers comprehensive collection of straightforward built-in apps. It?s not as good as Wiser in the aesthetics department but users can still choose three themes (i.e. red, blue and green) to personalize it. ?This launcher?s default home screen display large icons for easy access to calls and messaging, along with the date, time, and shortcuts to three favorite contacts.

Of these three simple Android launcher apps, Necta has the best set of native apps. As Wiser will only redirect you to the stock SMS application, Necta has its own simplified SMS app. It also boasts of built-in, no-frills version of apps such as the camera, gallery and flashlight. Similar to BIG launcher, Necta also has its own SOS feature that can easily be accessed by users.


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