Top 3 Legendary Items you Need to Farm in Diablo 3 RoS before Patch 2.1 goes Live

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So Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1 is coming in a few months?just enough time to farm legendary items we are positive we?re going to need in the new patch.

Keep in mind, though, that these legendary items aren?t usable in Seasons or Conquests since you start with a new character from scratch without access to your gold and common stash. Still, here are some good items to farm so you can take advantage of the changes when it finally does come on:

1. Forgotten Souls

But you always need these things anyway, right? Well, with the PTR being as it is and the way items are crafted, you?re going to need a lot more of this. The fabled Hellfire Amulet that rolls a random passive needs 10 of this, so stock up on them! Forgotten Souls are needed in all the legendary items you need to craft.

2. Keys for Infernal Machines

Blizzard has mentioned that they?re changing the way the Infernal Machines work to provide bigger challenges and rewards. Too bad these multi-boss events use up your keys each time you go through it. So start mining those keys from the Gatekeepers while it?s much easier.


3. Goldskin and Goldwrap

With the Treasure Goblin Realm being implemented in the PTR, we now have a place where we can get gold more efficiently. Why not make this happy event even better with a Goldskin or Goldwrap that drops gold whenever you hit an enemy! Min-maxing is hard in Diablo 3 RoS since you aren?t sure how everything is computed so we now adhere to the ?every little bit helps? mode of choosing gear and skills.

Why aren?t I asking you to farm actual gear or more wearables? You never know what changes and nerfs they?re going to apply especially as the PTR is still in effect. At least you have all? these materials that every crafted item needs anyway so you didn?t farm things for naught.

What else do you think Diablo 3 RoS players should farm before the PTR? Drop me a comment!

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