Top 20 Strongest Child Characters in Anime – Poll Winners

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Top 20 Strongest Child Characters in Anime

Anime has been one of the most influential show on TV, and whether they hail from the east, or are created in the west, anime and manga are undeniably timeless. Recently, a streaming website was able to cast a poll on the most likeable child characters in the anime world. CrunchyRoll has released the winners of the Top 20 Strongest Child Characters in Anime and the following made it to the cut.

20. Aladdin (Magi) with 104 votes

19. Trunks (Dragon Ball Z) 109 votes

18. Baby Beel (Beelzebub) 112 votes

17. Child Emperor (One-Punch Man) 125 votes

16. Reborn (Reborn!) 127 votes

15. Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail) 129 votes

14. Kagura (Gintama) 137 votes

13. Son Goten (Dragon Ball Z) 153 votes

12. Illyasviel von Einzbern (Fate / Stay Night) 167 votes

11. Son Goku (Dragon Ball) 195 votes

10. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter) 200 votes

9. Shinnosuke Nohara (Crayon Shin-chan) 206 votes

8. Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura) 207 votes

7. Takeshi Goda (Doraemon) 211 votes

6. Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter) 223 votes

5. Satoshi (Pokemon) 232 votes

4. Conan Edogawa (Cased Closed) 269 votes

3. Arale Norimaki (Dr. Slump) 282 votes

2. Nanoha Takamachi (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha) 294 votes

  1. Son Gohan (Dragon Ball Z) 322 votes

Charapedia, a Japan based character poll sought the help of at least 10,000 participants in determining the strongest and influential child characters in an anime series. The poll put on different categories on which the child characters will be based on.

Aside from their strength and power, characters are also evaluated for their intellectual and spiritual strength, as well as dedication for what they do. At least 41 child characters were presented, in order to give more choices to participants.

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