Top 10 Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day (Part 1)

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Top 10 Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day (Part 1)

It’s the time of the year again when you need to shop for that special gift for that special someone. It’s Valentines Day!

So unless your sweetheart is the flowers and chocolate type, or a perfume person, there is no better way to go that go ?Tech? to make sure that you don’t fumble in this year’s gift giving ritual.

To help you make that ?intelligent? choice and avoid getting a bad ?review? on your chosen gift, we have perused the most recommended tech gadgets and devices featured this month and have come up with a Top 10 list for your guidance.


1) iPad Air or iPad Mini ? The top choice it seems is the iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina Display. Both of these amazing tablets from Apple feature great hardware specifications as well as amazing apps that would make your loved one swoon. The iPad Mini is ideal for reading those romance novels (with one hand) while the iPad Air is great for getting last minute work done so that she / he can finish up tasks while having that romantic dinner. The iPad Air and iPad Mini are priced at the US$ 500 Dollar levels.


2) Nike FuelBand SE

An improvement on the previousFuelBand, the SE model tracks various exercise activities making it convenient for your loved one to see how he/she has performed in physical workouts (wink…wink). The 2014 SE also comes in various colors that superbly accessorizes the black FuelBand wristband. Although it works only for the iPhone, Android users can still use the the FuelBand SE by syncing the fitness tracker system to their personal computers. The FuelBans SE from Nike is selling at the US$ 150 Dollar price level.


3) Playstation 4

Undoubtedly the most sought after gaming console of the year, your dearest one will surely shriek in ecstasy once he or she receives the Playstation 4 this V-Day.

This machine is created purely for awesome gaming enjoyment and the current games available (albeit few at the moment) are a big improvement in both structure and graphics from the previous PS generation.

Retail sources report that their consoles are being sold out so don’t be surprised if the Valentine season leaves you scrambling to find one in the mall near you.

Sony’s winning gadget is priced at around US$400 Dollars but I won’t be surprised if retail outlets up the price a bit due to the Valentine’s day demand.


4) Xbox One

Coming in at second place isn’t such a bad thing, especialy if you are the Xbox one. Although the PS4 has been getting most of the raves, the Xbox One is no slouch in the gaming and gift gadget department.

The Xbox One has one thing over the PS4 as it was designed not only as a gaming console but as an all in one ? voice controlled- hub for your partner’s living room (or bedroom) entertainment. With the Kinect system, the Xbox One enables you and your loved one to switch between gaming, watching TV, viewing movies, toying with apps and other stuff….with just using your voice. Although many users have reported bugs in the voice control system, most people found it a blast and a wonderful convenience to switch between various media devices without using a remote control or messing around with television set configurations.

Priced higher than the PS4 at roughly US$ 500 Dollars, the price may even go up during this season of love.


5) Kindle Paperwhite

For the mate who loves to read, the Kindle Paperwhite is the ideal gift gadget for the day of love. This gift will allow your darling to tap into the massive eBook collection of

This extremely lightweight gadget is so convenient to lug around and such a delight to read with its front-lit visual display.

Although the Kindle App is alos available in various iOS / Apple Tablets as well as Android devises, the E-Ink of the Kindle Paperwhite is definitely much soothing for the eyes, especially for the avid bookworm who spends hours glued to a romantic adventure.

The Kindle Paperwhite (Wi-Fi) is sellign at around US$ 199 Dollars.


Watch out for Part 2 of our ? Top 10 Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day? where we will feature five more tech gift suggestions…her e at The Bitbag.


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