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Top 10 Simple Tips and Tricks on How to Maximise Your Samsung Galaxy S5

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Galaxy S5 is Samsung?s new pride and there are a lot of things you can do with it, unlike on the ?Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. Here are simple ways to maximise the power of your new Galaxy smartphone.

Make the Display Look Good

Galaxy S5 features Adapt Display which enhances viewing experience of contents using automatic colour range, saturation and sharpness. Go to Settings > Display > Screen Mode > Adapt Display. Once enabled, Adapt Display will begin analysis of incoming lights and contents you are viewing.

Download Files Quicker

Galaxy S5 has two Wi-Fi antennas to deliver whole-new Internet surfing experience. It will double the download and upload speed unlike with other smartphones. Alternatively, you can use Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity to accelerate download speed further using mobile data. Go to Settings > Download Booster to enable the feature.

Extending Battery Life

If you want to save more power during idle times, enable the Ultra Power Saving tool on your Galaxy S5. It will hold all non-cellular connectivity, stop background services from syncing and turns the display to black and white. It also limits certain features that are not important to get more juice out of the battery.

Easier Usage

For a simpler layout of the home screen, you can enable the Easy Mode UI option by going to Settings > Home Screen Mode to have bigger icons and less complex interface. And if the large screen can be troublesome with one-hand operation, enable that feature to use the device single-handedly. Go to Settings > One-Handed Operation > Set-up.

Quick Access to Apps

You don?t need to go back to the home screen all the time just to access certain apps while doing something else, simply enable Toolbox feature. It is found on the Quick Settings and features five app shortcuts inside a small widget, floating on the screen at all times.

New Camera Experience

Galaxy S5 boasts a 16 MP ISOCELL camera that features heavy-packed camera modes. It can capture images rapidly using Phase Detect via Rapid Auto-Focus within 0.3 seconds, take rich tone images using High Dynamic Range or HDR mode, record videos with 4K display resolution and even blur out backgrounds by focusing the lens on your preferred subject.

Loves the Outdoor

Although not fully resistant against all natural hazards, Galaxy S5 can still be a good companion to most outdoor scenes. Take images or record video in a swimming pool, for Galaxy S5 is water resistant or hangout on a beach with friends without worrying about sand getting inside the handset, thanks to the complete dust resistant feature.

Make It Your Personal Aid

Galaxy S5 can also become a personal aid using its built-in heart rate monitor to determine pulse, take notes and track down your workouts, count calories of your meal to help maintain desirable weight or even monitor baby cries if partnered with Galaxy Gear.

During Emergencies

Press and hold the power key, then select Emergency Mode. It will extend battery life further, send out messages to selected recipients to reveal your location, alarm the area with emergency sounds and get attention using the LED flashes. For asking help, press the power key thrice to begin recording and send images to your primary contacts. Go to Settings > Safety Assistance to setup the Emergency Mode.

Go Wireless

Pair your Galaxy S5 to another Galaxy device to take pictures from a distance using Wi-Fi or NFC connectivity. The paired device can act as a viewfinder to allow take images from a distance. Go to the Camera app > Settings to configure this feature. Use Air Gestures, Smart Pause and Air View to control apps such as browser and music player using your motions.

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