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Top 10 Pokemon Go Game Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go has gotten numerous gamers so engrossed in catching Pokemon in the real world using their smartphones. Since the new augmented reality game?s real-life aspect makes it different from its predecessors, we?ve rounded up several Pokemon Go tips to help users make the most out of this unique gaming experience.

  1. ???Pokestops

Travelling is a vital part of this recently released title?s gameplay. Aside from Pokemon ad Gyms, players also need to be on the lookout for PokeStops, which are the best place to gather Pokeballs, eggs and other items. These are not easy to miss since they are located where real-world landmarks are.

  1. ???Pokemon Gyms

Similar to PokeStops, Gyms are found in real-life landmarks. You can catch one by being the first to discover it, or you can also climb your way to the top to become a Gym Leader.

  1. ???Combat Points

Also known as CPs, Combat Points are like ?levels? in the Pokemon Go game that need to increase as you play. This is as easy as training at friendly gyms.

  1. ??Battling opposing teams

In relation to number three, CPs allow players to assess if they have a chance at battling an opposing team. For example, if one sees that another player?s CP is way above theirs, they can avoid going head to head with them.

Pokemon Go gym battle

  1. ??Evolution

Evolution in Pokemon Go is harder compared to leveling up. This is because a player needs to get Candies specific to their type.

This means that if one wants to evolve a Squirtle to a Wartortle, you?ll need to get Squirtle Candies. You can get them by catching Squirtles repeatedly or by hatching eggs.

  1. ??Stardust

Stardust can be used for their Pokemon to power up. Compared to Candies that need to be specific to the type of player, you can use Stardust on any Pokemon.

  1. ??Traveling

The most important part in every player?s Pokemon Go journey is traveling in real life, so do make sure to go out every once in a while. Exploring will give players lots of benefits, such as discovering Pokemon Gyms, PokeStops, capturing Pokemon and evolving them. A simple Pokemon Go tip though: keep an eye on your smartphone?s data usage, as well as battery life.

Pokemon GO

  1. ??How to attract Pokemons

While the game is meant to be played by going around in real life, there also Pokemon Go tricks to help users who prefer to catch Pokemons at home.

One option is to use an Incense item to attract Pokemon to a player, instead of having users catch it themselves. An Incense item will last around 30 minutes once activated and will result to various Pokemon appearing every couple of minutes.

This works well if the current weather is not conducive to exploring, such as when it is too hot or if it is raining.

  1. ??When to use Incense items

Those playing Pokemon Go are encouraged to get out of the house, especially since they are sure to encounter more while exploring.

Because of this, purchasing an Incense item will cost a user real-life money ? as if to discourage them from using the Incense option all the time. So it would be best to save this option for actual rainy days.


  1. ?Hatching eggs

One can also collect Pokemon by hatching eggs in the game. This requires a player to visit the PokeStore to collect the eggs, then place them in an incubator to start hatching them. These eggs will then be hatched after the user has traveled a certain distance.

Pok?mon GO

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