Top 10 Clash Royale Clans to Join: Active Players and Tournaments

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clash royale clans to join
clash royale clans to join

It is clear why people would be searching for Clash Royale clans to join. If active players and free tournaments are what you are looking for, then you have found the right place.

Recently, Supercell has given updates on its tournament tab. Besides the addition of the classic challenge as well as the new special challenge, many players still want to join tournaments. If you are an amazing player of the tower defense/strategy game, this is one thing that you should be looking out for. Furthermore, having the best of the best as part of your clan in Clash Royale mean that you will all move forward quickly.

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Active Players

Some players may ask why it is important to have active players. Well, the short answer is that having active players in your clan means that everyone will move up quickly. The more active players there are, the more people who will donate and request. This donate and request action can give everyone a chance to level up more quickly and earn more coins. Although there are no gems to be had from your clan, the fact that you will earn more XP, cards and coins are good enough.

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Clash Royale Updates


Every player of the game know that they are allowed to join new challenges once they hit arena 8. However, with the tournament, anyone from any arena can join. What is great about joining tournaments is the prizes. Players who rank high in tournaments will get the most cards and money. This is all dependent on the length of the tournament. Beyond all that though, there are clans that really take care of their clanmates by making tournaments everyday. While tournaments are a great way to get more money and cards, it is also a way to test out decks. As players know, the training ground in Clash Royale, where you play with a bot or AI, does not really give a good fight. Therefore, in a tournament, it is like playing against someone but you will not lose trophies. So, you will get to try out your cards with other players.

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Top 10 Clans

  1. Indomie squad
  2. Minty lizards
  3. Gemfire
  4. Filipinas 117
  5. High noon
  6. Deathseekers.PH
  7. Troy clan
  8. Shadow empire
  9. War legands
  10. Fat Moustache

Now you have these top 10 clans to join in Clash Royale once you get your tower to level 3. Clans usually fill up fast, so make sure to join these clans. Note though, check the trophies required to enter these clans.

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