Top 10 Cities In The World You Know are Crazy for Pokemon GO: Do You Live in One? [Photos]

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Could it get any crazier than a Pokemon GO Lure party? We have compiled the craziest Pokemon GO events around the globe and here is the extent of the Pokemon GO phenomenon.

1. Manila, Philippines


Mall of Asia in the Philippines held a Pokemon Lure Party recently. (Photo credit: Mall of Asia official Instagram page)

Can we just talk about that gigantic Pokeball right smack in the middle of the road? Before this Mall of Asia Lure Party held in Manila a few days ago, a massive wire globe was in place of that pokeball. If that ball doesn?t lure every Pokemon in the country, we don?t know what will.

2. Toronto, Canada


Torontonians celebrate the release of Pokemon Go in Canada. (Photo credit: blogto.com)

On the release of Pokemon GO in Canada, it seemed everyone went out to hunt for Pokemon. Torontonians gathered together to celebrate the Pokemon GO release with a party that started out as a small Facebook event, but grew into a very public, very crowded event. Occasionally, someone would scream, ?Valor!? or ?Mystic?, which earned cheers from all around.

3. Bristol, United Kingdom


The Bristol Zoo had to be closed due to a huge Pokemon lure turnout. (Photo credit: mirror.co.uk)

The Bristol Zoo bosses thought it was a good idea to take advantage of the augmented reality craze and invited players to search for Pokemon in the zoo. When more than 2,000 fans arrived on site, they had to close the gates. Talk about biting more than you can chew!

4. London, United Kingdom


Hundreds gathered at Central London for the Pokemon Go lure party. (Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org)

Hundreds gathered to the first Pokemon Lure Party held in central London after Pokemon GO was launched last July 23. How cute is Pikachu riding the iconic London double decker?

5. Ottawa, Canada


Pokemasters flocked to a picnic-turned-lure party in Ottawa. (Photo credit: ottawa.ctvnews.ca)

Around 200 Pokemasters flocked to the Confederation Park in Ottawa, Canada to participate in a Pokemon Lure Party. According to organizer, Steph Job, the event was originally a small get-together for a few friends, but it got elevated into a large turnout.

6. San Francisco, USA

pokemon-san francisco

Pokemon GO ?crawl? is healthier than a pub crawl. (Photo credit: sfgate.com)

Pokemon masters set out in a Pokemon GO ?crawl? in the streets of San Francisco to hunt for imaginary Pokemon. Due to the number of people that participated in the crawl, San Francisco police said they had to add nonvirtual police officers on the street to maintain order.

7. Madrid, Spain


Pokemon Go gather at Puerta del Sol square to search for Pokemons. (Photo credit: thesun.co.uk)

Up to 7,000 Pokemon GO players trooped to Puerta del Sol for a Pokemon hunt. The augmented reality game has taken over the world and is earning muchos dineros for game developer Niantic.

8. Canberra, Australia


Local businesses are happy when the locals took to the streets to hunt for Pokemon. (Photo credit: abc.net.au)

It?s like an unplanned lure party in Canberra Australia, when the game launched last July. Hordes of players caught the Pokemon fever and took to the streets, where local businesses were only happy to cash in on the Pokemon love.

9. Sydney, Australia


The Pokemon Go app brought with it a number of injuries in Sydney. (Photo credit: smh.com.au)

The release of Pokemon GO app in Australia brought with it a number of Pokemon-related injuries. The Darwin Police Station had to even instruct players via Facebook to not get too close to the station while attempting to catch Sandshrews that frequent the area. ?Please be advised that you don?t actually have to step inside,? said the post.

10. Chicago, USA


A simple Facebook event turned into a massive party in San Francisco. (Photo credit: curbed.com)

It all started out as a Facebook event, but the humble post raked in 12,000 RSVPs. The whole Millennium Park was crawling with Pokemon GO hunters that the event had to be cut short when the game servers crashed. After a couple of hours, the masses had to go back to their non-virtual reality.

Do you live in a Pokemon GO crazy city? Let us know in the comments below.

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