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Too Cute Pok?mon: Watch These Pok?mon Babies! They Are Adorable Plus an Epic Twist in the End of the Video

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Screen cap by Author, credit goes to the owner of the video

Prepare to squeal! These Pok?mon babies are just too cute

Many kids from the ?90s know what a Pok?mon is and how cute they can be when they are in the early stage of their evolution. Some are so fluffy that you just want to cuddle them up and hug them tight.

The video you will about to see in this article is one of the cutest clips I?ve ever seen. It shows you the household of different Pok?mon and their babies like the Bulbasaurs, Squirtles and the Charmanders.

Watch how cute these Pok?mon babies are but don?t forget to watch the whole clip. The ending was epic!

The video was first posted on September 12, 2013 and it gained over 2,800,000 views.

Credits to EsquirebobAnimations

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It is a sort of like documentary for baby Pok?mon and it features baby Bulbasaurs and Squirtles. I know there?s another cute type of Pok?mon that is missing in that video and it is the Charmander.

  • Bulbasaurs are so cute especially when they are in this stage (baby) but when they evolved into Ivysaur and Venusaur, well; let?s just say that they are more scary than cute. Bubly is just to freaking cuddly especially when he was trying to walk and he instead took a nap!
  • Squirtles are also cute when they are still a baby (I think most Pok?mon are cute when they are still in their infant stage) but the ones featured on this video are just too adorable!
  • The twist of the video (that actually made me lol?d so hard) was the Charmanders. They weren?t featured in this video because the babies have accidentally burned down the house.

The video clip was hilarious (the ending part) and super cute that I had to do something manly to regain my man card. If you are having a rough day and you are looking for something to ease the stress, watch this cute baby Pok?mon and I?m sure the first word that will come out of your mouth is ?aww?.

Screen cap by Author, credit goes to the owner of the video

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