Tony Romo: Will Dallas Put Him On Injured Reserve And Seek Out A Veteran Quarterback in Exchange?

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Tony Romo
Cowboys at Redskins 12/7/15

Tony Romo is out of the game for the next 6-10 weeks. The most indispensable player of the Dallas Cowboys is caught in a dilemma. Will Dallas be forced to put him on injured reserve and seek out a veteran quarterback in exchange?

Romo is suffering from a fractured vertebra due to a massive hit from Seattle Seahawks? Cliff Avril. This happened on Thursday night’s preseason game’s third play. The Cowboys are basically left with a fourth-round pick, Dak Prescott, to fill in Romo’s shoes.

Romo being gone for so long left the Cowboys to make some very hard decisions. Not only now but for the long term. Here are some of them:

To Put Him on Injured Reserve

Romo can be the perfect candidate because of his recovery time. Being on IR will not tempt Dallas to force him back on the field before he has completely recovered. This is especially so when Prescott can’t do the job.

Finding a Veteran Quarterback

It’s yet to be seen whether or not Dallas renews efforts to trade another quarterback. Talks actually began early this month after Cowboys’ Kellen Moore was injured. The Cleveland Browns and Dallas? discussion about 14-year QB veteran Josh McCown went up into thin air.

Putting on a veteran with massive game action is ideal. This is true especially if there is lack of experience in the team’s remaining quarterbacks. Brown’s Austin Davis, Denver Bronco’s Mark Sanchez and New York Jet’s Bryce Petty can be some of the top picks for potential QB trades.

Finally, a possible reunion with Brandon Weeden is in sight if the Houston Texans will allow him to leave. Weeden is a master in offense which is one of his biggest leverage. He also spent a season and a half with the Cowboys. Thus, they know exactly how he works.

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