“The Tomorrow People” : The Power Of The Three Ts

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TTP 1970sBack in 1973, the British ITV network created a television show about the next step in human evolution. They were teenagers gifted with superhuman abilities and used advanced technology to augment their powers of telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. They were referred to as Homo Superiors. But they were more commonly called The Tomorrow People.

The first series ran for 6 years, from 1973 to 1979. TTP 1992The show was later on revived in 1992 and lasted until 1995. And, in 2013, Homo Superior staged a major comeback. This time, on American soil. In October 2013, The Tomorrow People debuted on The CW.

Updated for the modern TV audience, the show was given a mutli-racial cast of good-looking teenagers to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Like the original series, The Tomorrow People are gifted youngsters who possess the power of the three Ts — telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. But, as a twist, some very rare individuals possess a fourth T, the ability to stop Time.

By The Tomorrow People TurkeyYoung Stephen Jameson is one such individual. The son of the former leader and most powerful of the Tomorrow People, Stephen has just recently broken out and is still in the process of learning about his newfound abilities. His powers manifest and he is suddenly thrust in the middle of a life and death tug of war. The underground Tomorrow People try to recruit him in their search for his father and the Homo Superior utopia they call their sanctuary. His uncle, Jedekiah, enlists him in the nefarious organization called Ultra, where they hunt down members of the Tomorrow People and de-power them to ensure the supremacy of the Homo Sapien race. Stephen suddenly finds himself in the middle of a war that has been raging on for generations. A war that apparently led to the mysterious disappearance of his father. Despite all his questions and misgivings, Stephen is forced to choose a side.

By Andranik TaranyanVery similar to NBC?s Heroes and Syfy?s Alphas, The Tomorrow People is television?s answer to The X-Men. All mutants who were gifted with superhuman abilities through genetic evolution, they are feared and hated by the human population. Wanting their total eradication, it is the only surefire way to maintain human supremacy. The only difference is that the Tomorrow People share the same abilities. Whereas the X-Men and the other shows have people displaying very unique abilities, all Tomorrow People only have the powers of the three Ts, or four, as the case may be. No weather manipulation, no optic blasts, no healing factors here. Just telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation. Another major difference is that this version of Homo Superior lacks the ability to kill. They are genetically incapable of causing human death. Try as they might, something mentally and physically stops them and causes them actual pain. This encumbrance gives Ultra their advantage. For while their human agents possess no powers, they do have no hesitation or compunction to kill.

Though they do share the same powers, the different Tomorrow People do have unique ways of manifesting them. By The Tomorrow People 3Sure, the telepathy and teleport jaunts look common enough, but they seem to have certain expertise on just one or two of their abilities. Some are more adept at telepathy, others at teleporting. Some exhibit great fighting skills while teleporting, while others have the ability to ?jump? further distances. And, like Stephen, some can actually stop Time, in combination with his other abilities. In Ultra, some agents also use their powers differently. Some can extend fields of their telepathy to conduct searches or create jamming fields. Suffice it to say, they are able to control these powers and put them to various uses, given practice and experience.

Mythology wise, The Tomorrow People is closest to the defunct TV show called Mutant X, where an evil corporation called Genomex hunted down all the mutants while the titular group battled them to rescue the innocents. Thematically speaking though, the show has more akin to the 2009 superhero movie called Push than anything else.

By Halo DesfocadoRelatively new with less than a season on air, The Tomorrow People has been making sufficient waves and is one of the more popular new shows on The CW. Ratings remain healthy and views are optimistic that the show will be renewed for another season. Here?s hoping that it does get renewed. The world needs more shows like these. After all, man cannot subsist on cop show procedurals and reality shows alone.

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