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?Tomodachi Life’: An Oddly Good Sim Game

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Tomodachi Life (Image Credit to xXSlyFoxHoundXx YouTube)
Tomodachi Life (Image Credit to xXSlyFoxHoundXx YouTube)

Tomodachi Life is one unique and strange game. It is a Life Simulator game, but in a whole new direction. Just like most Sims games, the Nintendo 3DS game Tomodachi Life is a game where you play god practically. You can observe as they carry over their day-to-day lives. You can provide some guidance on the things and the decisions they make… sometimes. You also feed them and buy them clothes. Provide accessories for their apartment and make them do a couple of things. Very much similar to Sims in a large number of ways.

But it is different from most EA?s Sims in a variety of ways, and possibly, even better. You have a role in the game, and yes, that is YOU, not your virtual self. The characters in Tomodachi Life (referred to as ?Mii? people) knows you and they respect you as well. (Well, this depends on your course of actions, but it is hard to make them hate you that much)

Tomodachi Life?s charm shines the brightest with its odd gameplay. The character creation tool is pretty easy to work with. You can even import characters from your created Miis and QR codes. One of the oddities here is that you can pick a synthesized voice for your Mii. Yes. If you?re thinking about making a Mii say something out of your imagination, it can, but of course, profanity is out of the question. They sound funny when they speak, it?s so bad that it feels so good in a kind of way.

You decide their personality, their favorites, provide food, attire, costumes (Yes. Costumes !), and sometimes, you even need to give them medicine, new hair dyes, cameras, tickets for vacation, etc. You can even create your own song and let your Mii sing it in any learned genre of your choice.

While that sounds pretty much like Sims, there?s more to that for Tomodachi Life. The game is about uncertainty amongst things. There are tons of surprises for you to see here, like your Miis dreaming about weird stuff, a relationship developing without the player even noticing. Friendships pops out like crazy and before you know it, there?s already some romantic things going on.

It doesn?t mean that you won?t be able to control what?s going to happen. You can still give them advice on things like these, but who knows if they will follow your words? Twists may even take place on such matters like a second suitor with a relationship to be made in the future.

Tomodachi Life is indeed a simulation game, and it even has most things that a sim game needs to have, but it doesn?t purely focus on that. Your Miis might get hungry, but they won?t die from not eating for a couple of hours, or even not talking to anybody for days.

The game is best enjoyed by watching things unfold before you. It is not a game that you would play non-stop for hours, but a game that you pick up and play, leave, then go back. Rinse and repeat. It is a game where you can try to play God, but cannot be on its full extent. You?re more of an observer rather than a director, and that what makes the game very unconventional and unique in a good way.

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