Tommy Chong Death Hoax: Comedian Loses Battle With Cancer?

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Tommy Chong Cause of Death

Tommy Chong is certainly one of the most popular comedians during the 1970?s and 1980?s as the half of the popular comedy duo Cheech & Chong. While Chong has continued to appear on television over the past couple of years, he recently grabbed headlines when news of his death spread all over the internet and fans are probably searching for Tommy Chong cause of death to know more details.

Together with Cheech Marin, Chong helped make countless films and comedy albums which are based on the hippie era and of course their love of marijuana. His latest venture was being a contestant in Dancing with the Stars. News of his death though made Chong a household name once more although it has not been confirmed that the news is indeed true.

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Much like the recent Jaden Smith death rumors, the Tommy Chong death news could possibly be another internet hoax. What many fans are wondering though is Tommy Chong?s cause of death as many websites have cited different causes of the comedian?s death.

According to The Gamers Drop, news of Chong?s death spread on social media which linked the actor?s death to his marijuana use. This certainly sounds like a hoax though given that no specific details were released.

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The fact that marijuana use was mentioned as the possible cause of death should likewise raise some eyebrows. This is especially true given that marijuana use was one of the biggest topics which made Cheech & Chong so popular during the 70?s and 80?s.

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Tommy Chong did have some health issues as the comedian announced in June 2012 that he was battling cancer. He was first diagnosed with prostate cancer but he was able to kick the disease with the help of hemp oil treatment. Sadly, he stated in June 2015 that he had colorectal cancer.

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Fans of Tommy Chong are certainly hoping that the recent death rumors regarding the actor are nothing but a hoax. Hopefully, all of us can see the comedian back on his feet and bring smiles to our faces sooner rather than later.

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