Tom Hiddleston Moved On At The Emmy’s

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Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift had the spotlight on their relationship even before the two confirmed that they were dating. It lasted all throughout their relationship and their eventual breakup, likewise, made headlines. While many fans were devastated with the HiddleSwift breakup, it appears one half of the love team has already moved on during the Emmy?s.

The relationship between Taylor and Tom did not last as long as what fans had hoped for. Many were disappointed when news broke earlier this month that the two have already called it quits. While some HiddleSwift fans are still mourning the end of the pair?s relationship, it appears that Tom Hiddleston is not wasting any time to move forward.

According to The Sun, Hiddleston may have moved on during the recently concluded Emmy awards. Tom was in attendance to present an award with Priyanka Chopra, a Bollywood star and a former Miss World winner. While the two appeared to have great onstage chemistry, it seems that it continued even during the after party.

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The same report mentions that the two were holding hands, exchanging digits and even had a kiss. This is certainly an intriguing development after the Hiddleston and Swift broke up just a few weeks ago. If it is any indication, Tom may already be moving on, and Chopra could potentially be the next romance for the Hollywood actor.

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A source of The Sun mentioned that Tom had his arms around Chopra, and he held her close. They were spotted holding hands for a few moments. The two were even seen to leave the party a few moments apart.

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The moment they spent during the Emmy?s after party may not have been long, but it could very well be the spark of a new relationship for Chopra and Hiddleston. If this is indeed true, it may spell the end of any hope that fans had of Swift and Hiddleston getting back together.

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This is still a developing story so fans of Tom Hiddleston, Priyanka Chopra and Taylor Swift should check back soon to find out what is the real score. Be sure to come back soon to get your fix of HiddleSwift news, rumors and other updates about the hottest celebrities in Hollywood.

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