Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris Meet Up For PR Plan Vs. Taylor Swift?

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Thor actor Tom Hiddleston has recently been reported to have talked with DJ Calvin Harris. After both dated singer Taylor Swift, could this talk be about revenge?

It is a known fact that both Harris and Hiddleston went out with the Bad Blood singer. The former ended his relationship with Swift back in June. Weeks after that, Hiddleston was spotted with the singer in different places. After three months of dating, it was announced earlier this month that the Hiddleston-Swift relationship has already ended.

Now, a source of Radar Online revealed that Harris approached Hiddleston to talk about their past relationship. ?Calvin knows what it?s like to fight the Taylor Swift press machine and wants Tom to know that he is not alone,? said a source close to the DJ.

That was the only information leaked about the rumored conversation that happened between Swift?s exes. As a result, some of the fans are thinking that Harris and Hiddleston are making a PR plan that is related to their break-up with the singer. But, it is also possible that the two only talked about their tough times with Swift.

Meanwhile, for those who do not know the story behind Tom Hiddleston and Swift, here it is. The two started dating in July. It was weeks after the singer dumped Harris, whom she dated for 15 months. Hiddleston and the singer went to different places like Rome and Australia which were documented through their posts on social media.

However, earlier this month, news about their breakup started to surface. Rumor has it that the actor could not stand the fact that Swift would rather hang out with Selena Gomez. Previous reports claimed that Gomez was suffering from anxiety and depression. So, Swift decided to spend more time with her than Hiddleston.

As of now, both parties have not disclosed the real reason for their split. What do you think is the true reason behind their breakup? Also, what do you think did Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris talk about? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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