The Flash Season 3: Tom Felton Might be Villain to Another Lightning Bolt-bearing Hero

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Felton and Gustin
Tom Felding might be playing villain to another lightning bolt hero

A lightning bolt just might be Tom Felton?s lucky symbol. During the panel interview with the cast of The Flash at the San Diego Comic Con recently, Felton commented that it was surreal to be back in Comic Con.

?Last time I was here, I was representing a franchise symbolized by a lightning bolt,? he said.

This time, he plays Barry Allen?s annoying colleague, Julian Dorne in The Flash. His character will undermine Barry in the work place as he will definitely thread on the toes of our hero?s expertise as a forensic expert. ?

When asked if Julian will be a threat, Tom said that in the first 2 episodes they?ve gone to so far, there is definitely some friction between his and Grant Gustin?s character. Julian Dorne suspects that Barry is hiding something and so some feathers are ruffled early on.

From Harry to Barry

Speculations abound though, that Felton will play a bigger role in The Flash Season 3. It?s hard to believe that Draco Malfoy will progress into a measly annoying colleague to another superhero right? He did, after all, end up being more than an annoyance in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows.

At Comic Con, it was revealed that anti-hero Dr. Alchemy would be a formidable adversary to The Flash and everybody in the team. There are predictions that Tom Felton just might eventually play Dr. Alchemy in the series.

How is that possible? In the comic books, Dr. Alchemy is a villain with identity disorder. Suppose Julian Dorne gets so obsessed with his theories and suspicions about Barry Allen, that he would do anything to get to the bottom of it. Think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Comicbook.com asked Felton about his possible villainous role and Tom didn?t confirm nor deny anything. He did say, ?they came to me for a reason,? and for overthinking minds, that?s enough to satisfy an assumption.

It?s not to say though, that Julian won?t be a pain in the neck to Barry in the workplace. Knowing Felton for years as he played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise perfectly, Felton will definitely be no stranger to ruffling quite a number of feathers in his portrayal of an annoying colleague.

?He?s as smart as Barry. At least in the forensic world, Barry?s not used to having a mind as sharp as his around?and he has a smug air of superiority, I think, over Barry. It lends itself to many different choice and many different storylines,? Tom?explains.

Safe answer. We are ?keeping our eyes on you, Felton.

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