Rainbow Six: Siege – Has Male and Female Hostages

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The reason why Ubisoft showed a female hostage ?at E3 is because the company ?wanted people to protect her.?

In the E3 demo of Rainbow Six: Siege, a team is tasked with protecting a house while others have to extract a female hostage. Questions were raised why no male hostages were present in the demo. Technical artist, Oliver Couture replied,“We’re also gonna have male hostages. That’s a part of the plan.” But the other part of his answer may be a bit less encouraging.

“I mean, when we did that design we felt a lot of empathy with the hostage. We wanted people to want to protect her. If the hostage gets killed a team loses the game, so we wanted players to care about the hostage so that’s the design we chose.”

“It’s great to hear that options will be there, but unfortunate that its most public presentation played off an ancient video game that women are only for protecting/rescuing, that we naturally care about them more than men in that capacity.”, Nathan Grayson (An RPS writer) said.

According to Couture, Ubisoft is applying features that make the character what he calls a “living hostage” The company is taking advantage of next generation capabilities to be able to create a more convincing experience.

“She?ll react to explosions and things like that. It?s pretty cool. She?ll cough because of the dirt in the air, she covers herself when there?s shooting ? those sorts of things. We want the player to be able to move her into different positions, for there to be fluid controls. It?s a balance between player comfort and reality.? Couture said.

But although little context of the story has been unveiled concerning the multiplayer-centric installment in the series of Rainbow Six, the company has promised a comprehensive variety of missions upon the franchise?s release.

Tom Clancy?s Rainbow Six: Siege will hit the market next year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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