Tom Clancy’s The Division Update and DLC News: Fix on CE-34878-0 Error and PS4 Support Arriving Next Week

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The Division Update

Ubisoft?s latest State of the Game Live Stream revealed that Tom Clancy?s The Division is all set to receive an update for its PS4 Pro version. Currently, no details were given on the upcoming update; but it?s expected to arrive on December 20. Interestingly, Ubisoft also discussed the game?s latest expansion, The Division Survival DLC.

PlayStation Lifestyle also revealed that the upcoming PS4 Pro update for The Division will also fix the CE-34878-0 Error on the PS4 console. Expect a maintenance period on the said date. However no fix time has been officially announced.

Update on the Game’s DLCs

In November, Ubisoft went ahead and released The Division?s latest expansion called Survival. At the time, the Survival DLC was only available on the Xbox One and PC platforms. Now, it looks like along with the new PS4 Pro update is the arrival of The Division Survival DLC on the Sony platform.

According to Gamespot, the last paid expansion by Ubisoft for The Division game entitled ?Last Stand? will arrive early next year, instead of the prior confirmation that it will arrive this winter. Meanwhile, aside from The Division game on the PS4 Pro, the Sony platform is said to have gained massive support from game developers. Some of these games include Batman: Return to Arkham, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Battlezone, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, The Elder Scrolls Online, Farming Simulator 17 and many more.

Over the weekend, Tom Clancy?s The Division was free to play for a limited time only. It is one of those rare moments that the game developer wanted everyone to try it; in hopes of gaining more fans to purchase the game. Unfortunately, the Survival DLC is not included on the feature; giving the idea that fans were only able to play the basics. Despite that, something tells us that Ubisoft did not include it because fans have already bought the season pass; that contained the DLC as well as the rest who purposely bought the Survival DLC for The Division game.

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