Tom Clancy’s The Division Underground DLC: See How It Improved the Game

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With Tom Clancy?s The Division game being the most anticipated game of the year, it didn?t helped that it had glitches and concepts that players found boring. But like any other game, it was later supported by its first expansion called the The Division Underground DLC.

Gamers have been complaining about the boring missions of the game and aside from the incursion, not much can be expected of the game. But then came The Division Underground DLC. While it momentarily halts gaming time, it had surprising new updates to the game.

The arrival of the Underground DLC has given farming in The Division a new meaning. Instead of limiting the players to default missions in the game, the new expansion has allowed them to create their own version of missions using the accompanying guided rules. This new update has literally increased the player’s ability to collect loot and improve his experience.

While you wouldn?t call this next one a technical problem, The Division Underground DLC has also brought with it the nagging feeling of letting players play insignificant missions. The new expansion apparently added new challenges that players see as pointless, meaning it will not affect the way loot and rewards will come to them.


Some of the key points seen on the DLC has been the improvement on its technical capacity and some of the minor glitches were fixed. Since the arrival of The Division Underground DLC, the game has received weekly updates that require gamers to cease playing for about an hour or two while the game goes offline.

Luckily, The Division team makes sure they make the announcement ahead of the scheduled sign off. The Division Underground DLC arrived on the Xbox One and PC platform as early as July, while the PS4 console received the expansion on August 2, 2016.

The Division team will continue to give updates until such time a new expansion arrives and a new set of updates will replace the old ones. Are you satisfied with the current state of The Division game? What Are your comments about the Underground DLC? Share us your thoughts by leaving a comment on TheBitBag.

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