Tom Clancy?s The Division Patch 1.5 Out Now on PS4

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The Division update

As Tom Clancy?s The Division starts to pick up its pace, the developer continues to support it with updates. The Division Patch 1.5 came to light just after the Survival DLC came out and now, it?s here for fans to experience. It was previously reported that The Division Patch 1.5 will help enhance the gaming experience on Survival DLC.

PS4 fans seem to be the last to experience. Xbox One and PC took in The Division Patch 1.5 last week. Nevertheless, the late arrival of the new update did not make the experience any less exciting. In fact, one of the features of The Division Patch 1.5 is the added World Tier 5 bracket.

The said bracket will bring difficulty in increasing the levels of players on NPC enemies to 34. The update also brings the Named Gear item. One piece of the named Gear is allocated per gear slot. These gears also have their own unique Talent.

The new update from Ubisoft also brought several changes in weapons and skilsl in The Division. Apparently, new adjustments were included to further enhance the game as well as the loot system coming at a different pace. Fortunately for crafters in The Division game, the chances of dropping crafting materials is very likely.

A quick recap on Tom Clancy?s The Division Patch 1.5 ?include ?updates on Named Gears, Scaling Vendors and New Weapons. As for the gameplay itself, the update include:

Added World Tier 5 bracket (224+ GS)

  • Enemy NPCs are level 34.
  • Maximum Gear Score raised to 256.
  • Heroic Incursions are now available in Tier 5 only.

Weapons on the latest The Division Patch 1.5 include, SMG (Vector 45 ACP & First Wave Vector 45 ACP: base magazine size increased to 25), LMG (Damage to targets out of cover bonus has been slightly reduced for all LMGs of Gear Score 256) and Shotguns (Lowered the strength of aim assist for Shotguns).

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