Tom Clancy’s The Division News and Update: The Division Not for Long Term Play?

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Tom Clancy’s The Division?was one of the most anticipated video games this year, but it seems players have lost interest in the game. Recent reviews reveal the plight of the game, where there are few and few players having interest in it. Is it a short-lived game? Yes, according to reviews, as the game is marred by unending glitches and lack of interesting storylines.

Basing on forum discussions, Mobile & Apps recently cited some of the factors that are largely pulling the game away and it looks like they were right after all.?Tom Clancy’s The Division?indeed made an impact during its launch and several weeks after that. Despite recurring glitches, the developer was quick to issue patches that addressed the issues.

But a game can only do so much as receive a weekly update for its endless issues. Players began to complain, and its weekly offline schedules became an unwelcome update. Released on March 7 this year, it didn?t take long back then for The Division to relinquish its spot on top. But now, it has been surpassed by independent games which stayed on top fairly longer.

The game?s latest expansion called Underground DLC had the necessary revisions and hyped up the interest of players for a while, but again, it didn?t quite live up to players? expectations. Mobile & Apps? review suggests that the game eventually becomes boring even before players reach the definitive ending of the game. Meanwhile others say that it was the unending bugs and glitches, not to mention the massive community, that made the game eventually uninteresting.

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By the looks of it, Tom Clancy?s The Division needs a massive haul in order to regain its spot on top. As for the storyline of the game, it?s not enough that ?the developers deliver a hyped-up scrimmage, state-of-the-art weapons, and a battlefield full of experts; they also need to pique players? interest with a common, fun, and fulfilling goal.

Have you played Tom Clancy’s The Division?and the Underground DLC? What do you think of the game now, compared to when it was first released?

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