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Tom Clancy’s The Division First Expansion: Underground DLC a Huge Welcome on Support?

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Tom Clancy?s The Division game is one of the most anticipated games of the year, but that doesn?t mean it was the perfect game of its generation. Challenge after challenge showed how the game was prone to glitches and the series of subpar game content.

Reports revealed that when The Division first came out, it was a total mess. Besides the expected incursion, the loot was too rare and it?s like everything else is just unrewarding. Players were able to play the game, but only in a limited manner, especially when it came to actually engaging in scrimmages and battles.

If you didn?t know it was the launching day, you would say it was the absolute beta version of Tom Clancy?s The Division. But then came The Division?s first patch, the Underground DLC. Since its arrival, the game essentially lifted in a manner that players will expect a weekly update on the game. When an update arrives, the game goes offline for about 2-3 hours and when it?s back, it?s absolutely not the same game you?ve previously played.

The Underground expansion in The Division delivered the things every player has hoped for in the game. Farming in the game inadvertently became interesting and missions were held at a point where players are not confined to what they see, but instead, were able to create their own missions from generally guided rules. Loot and experience ranking increased as players advanced in the game.


Although it may not be the same for every single player, despite the additional challenges in The Division under the Underground DLC, it wasn?t as interesting as everyone thought. There were ?pointless? missions that players needed to partake in order to acquire the loot they need.

Bottomline, the Underground DLC was a conventional expansion. While it may have delivered some new missions to the game, it is also something that might not appeal to players in the long run. Absolutely fun for the first time, but wanes as one progresses; spending more hours on the game.

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