Tokyo Ghoul Season 3: Will a Reboot Back-Up the Original Material?

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The Tokyo Ghoul season 3 premiere date is just around the corner. Fans have been waiting for the official announcement from FUNimation and Madman Entertainment concerning the schedule of release, but as of press time, there is no definite date yet nor details shared about the new season. With the success of the last two seasons, Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 debut episode is highly anticipated with speculations running high among fans.

In its earliest report, Crossmap said that the new season is set to come out this summer 2016. But since there is no official announcement that supports the scheduled release date, the report says it seems that there are rumors that impatient fans would want to have a reboot of Tokyo Ghoul instead.

Why do they rather want a reboot of the previous season? Christian Today states that the third season of the anime adaptation still lacks source material. At present, the manga series is said to have 43 chapters as of October 2015. The report also mentions that for the studio to complete the Tokyo Ghoul season 3, the studio will need filler contents. This means that the 3rd season will digress from the original story of the manga, similar to how season 2 was.

There is also a possibility that Tokyo Ghoul?s 3rd run not only focus on Ken Kaneki but also on Touka Kirishima. If this will be the case, then some changes with the anime series should be expected. As stated in the report, there will be ?a drastic shift in tone due to the differences in character arcs and history.?

How will they inject the character to the anime series? It is believed that ?Kirishima will be portrayed as Kaneki’s new partner.? Following this route would allow the studio to reboot Tokyo Ghoul season 3 in a very subtle manner without brushing off the entire storyline of the anime series. Since it took FUNimation to materialize the next installment, many fans think season 3 is the final anime series of Sui Ishida Tokyo Ghoul manga.

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