Tokyo Ghoul’ Season 3 Spoilers: Ken’s Secret Identity And Ghoul To Be Exposed?

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Tokyo Ghoul season 3 has been green lit already. The source material, Tokyo Ghoul:re, has progressed, adding 22 more chapters for the anime series to adapt. Thus, there are three major spoilers that were revealed to fans.

According to Inquisitr, the Tokyo Ghoul season 3 major spoilers zero in on the secret identity of Ken Kaneki. It is believed that in the upcoming season, Kaneki?s true identity will be exposed. Ken, who is working as an Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator, is using the name Haise Sasaki.

It is also believed that in season 3, Ken?s Ghoul might be uncovered. The report states that ?after losing his memories for a short time, Ken has transformed into a well-known ghoul.? ?In fact, Ken has become the Black Reaper.

Ken will also have an awakening in Tokyo Ghoul season 3. Looking back, as he regained his memory, he has struggled with his two identities as Ken and Haise. It?s like there?s a tug of war going on inside him. This dilemma has made Ken become distant to people and at the same time violent. However, it appears that in the upcoming season, he would embrace his Haise identity more.

Fans are now waiting for the official announcement of the anime?s release. So far, Studio Pierrot is still mum on the premiere date of Tokyo Ghoul?s third season.

It can be recalled that when the news about the third season of the anime series broke out, the source material was just on its 44th chapter. Now Shueisha recently published Sui Ishida?s Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter 66.

Based on the different discussion boards, fans are even more excited for Tokyo Ghoul season 3 as the manga has become juicier in its latest chapter, and there are characters that have been resurrected.

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