Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 News & Updates: Season 3 Undetermined; manga Version Seido Attacking Akira?

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The fate of Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 remains bleak as rumors about its supposed premiere this coming winter remains unconfirmed. The latest report about the series has been the transfer of its production responsibilities from Studio Perriot to Madhouse.

Fans were apparently disappointed over Studio Perriot?s adaptation of the original Tokyo Ghoul material. With Madhouse, it looks like they are trying to put Tokyo Ghoul on the right track and avoid doing the same mistakes that Studio Perriot?s did.

Despite the limited information about the series, recent Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 spoilers revealed that a new protagonist is likely to be introduced in the new season. Others believe that the new character is brought by Madhouse?s taking over the production. Is it to ensure their trademark? Or perhaps their effort to differentiate the series from the previous season?

The chapter just before the end of the last installment shows Seido attacking Akira. Houji and Akira, on the other hand, were preparing to fight Tatara. Tatara then prepares to fight Houji while telling him how he still hates him. Tatara will reveal his new form after removing his coat and activating his kagune – but this time around, he is a kakuja and his body is almost covered with what looked like a robotic profile.


There conversation in the mangahelpers:


Tatara: are,,, my eyes.. are my eyes are?.


Countless eyes pop up over his face.


CCG goons: Ka? kakuja! (they sweat nervously)


Houji: You look like your older brother.


Tatara: Hoji hoji hoooooooooji~


Fire shoots out of his body like a flame-thrower and melts the face off a CCG goon.


Akira: The emissions from a high-density Kagune can create a pyro-blast at over 4000 degrees Celsius. A tongue of fire, huh.


Houji: His hatred for me only adds kindling to his fire.


It is revealed that Tatara loved his brother and has developed quite a brother-complex since he was killed. Akira is surprised at his strength.


Akira: Woah, he?s a dangerous one.


Houji: It?ll be fine if he?s the same as his brother.


Tatara: I?ll fucking kill you!


Houji: Oh fuck.
At some point, Takizawa joins in on the fight.

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