Tokyo Ghoul Re 95 Spoilers and Chapter 94 Highlights: Akira Mado?s Heart

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Tokyo Ghoul Re 95 Spoilers

A shocking ball crushing scene takes place in chapter 94. Here is a recap and Tokyo Ghoul Re 95 spoilers.

Chapter 94 Highlights

Naki wonders if Shuu Tsukiyama is their ally as he does not remember a thing about him. Regardless, Tsukiyama attacks Koori Ui and their battle begins. They mutually remember that they have an unfinished business with each other.

Back in Kanou?s Lab, Nishiki Nishio grabs hold of Kanou and says that his Aogiri hunt has borne fruit. Not knowing Nishiki, Kurona observes from a distance and wonders if he plans to kill Kanou and for what reason. The Quinx attack Nishiki again. However, Nishiki effortlessly cuts them up mid way. He then becomes becomes cocky and so to his surprise, Shikorae comes in and cuts his kagune, causing him to free Kanou. Okahira catches Kanou and as Nishiki attempts to chase them, Roma Hoito impales him with her kagune. It was then revealed that Roma is helping Kanou as a request from Souta.

Meanwhile, as Toori Mutsuki continues to fight Seidou Takizawa, Seidou catches one of Mutsuki?s kagune and uses it to stab him in his abdomen. Mutsuki sprays blood on Seidou?s face, causing him to stagger. As soon as Mutsuki is able to pin him to the ground (crushing his testicles), Matsuki tells Akira that they just might have a chance. The chapter ends with Akira stepping in to cover Seidou just as Mutsuki executes his final blow.

Akira gets impaled by his kagune.

Tokyo Ghoul Re 95 Spoilers

What is Akira thinking?

In Tokyo Ghoul Re 95, we will learn why Akira sacrificed herself for Seidou. Fans are left wondering why didn?t Akira just say she wanted Seidou alive? We?re pretty sure the reason behind this goes much deeper than that.

Rumor has it that Akira is conflicted. Seidou turning into a ghoul made her initially feel that he needs to be eliminated and it is their duty to do so as CCG. However, knowing how Seidou was before turning to a ghoul hit her hard inside. Her love for him perhaps took over in the end. For sure we are going to witness an Akira – Seidou drama next week.

We?d love to hear your theories for Tokyo Ghoul Re 95, post away on the comments section below.

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