Tokyo Ghoul Re 94 Spoilers and 93 Recap: Nishiki versus Kanou; Kimi Nishino is Alive?

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Tokyo Ghoul Re 94 Spoilers

Nishiki and Shuu are back!! Please find Kaneki soon! Here is a chapter 93 recap and Tokyo Ghoul Re 94 spoilers.

Koori Ui attacks Miza while saying that, ?No matter how you may fight now, you will die here.? Miza defiantly declares that she will fight until her last breath. She is happy to die by Naki?s side. Koori attacks and to everyone?s surprise, Naki blocks it with his Kagune while revealing that he was just taking a break. Hooguro, Shousei and other White Suits appear to assist him. Naki readies to fight and boldly says that if he will die, it would have to be in a way that he can brag about to his big brother, Yakumo.

Meanwhile, Kurona struggles to survive the horde of Quinx that are chasing after her. Running and slashing them makes her realize that she will soon run out of energy and that there?s just far too many of them. Okahira attacks her from behind, snapping her neck. Kurona escapes, snapping back her neck as well. She moves to the ceiling and confronts Kanou.

Kurona recalls past events when she and her twin, Nashiro were students of CCG Junior Academy. Kanou insisted that their parents were killed by the CCG because of an underground lab that conducted ghoulification experiments. Kanou says that because of a large debt, the CCG negotiated to relieve Yasuhisa (from their debt) in exchange for using the family?s mansion as a front for their underground lab. Eventually their father became disgusted by the inhumanity of the experiment and attempted to leak the information. Because of this, both their parents were killed. Kanou led the twins to believe that he was honoring their parents? legacy by completing the experiment. But it turns out that Kanou was nothing more than a crazy mad scientist who toyed with humans and the twins.

Tokyo Ghoul Re 94 Spoilers

A kagune grabs hold of Kanou and in comes Nishiki Nishio. In Tokyo Ghoul Re 94, expect Kanou to transform (did you see his eyes when he recognized Nishiki?) and put up a really good fight. What is Nishiki doing in the Kanou?s lab? Some say he is there to save Kimi, who didn?t die after all. Or is he there to find and retrieve Yoshimura?

Another exciting chapter awaits us in Tokyo Ghoul Re 94!

Shuu Tsukiyama appears with two hooded figures to help Naki and Miza who are fighting as a United Front. How will Shuu fare in this fight with Koori?

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