Tokyo Ghoul re 93 Spoilers and Chapter 92 Recap: Kurona Next To Die?

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Tokyo Ghoul re 93 Spoilers

The action never stops with Tokyo Ghoul re. The events in this chapter paves way for yet another intense thriller, with surely more deaths than smiles, in the next chapter. Here is a recap coupled with spoilers and predictions for Tokyo Ghoul re 93.

Tooru Mutsuki appears in chapter 92 to back up Akira Mado. He (she) takes on Seidou Takizawa while waiting for Suzuya Squad and Urie Squad. Mutsuki readies for the fight, unleashing his Kagune. Can Mutsuki survive this fight with Owl?

Meanwhile in Kanou?s Lab, Kanou instructs Okahira to attack Kurona. Okahira, wasting no time, runs to Kurona at full speed, jumping on her Kagune to execute an attack. However, Kurona counters by slicing the pipe above them. The pipe releases a toxic steam, which kills Okahira instantly. Kurona reveals that once before, the pipes in the laboratory malfunctioned, causing the tragic death of researchers. She declares that this tragedy will happen again and everyone will die. But Kanou remains confident knowing that there is strength in numbers. He releases a batch of Quinx this time.

In Tokyo Ghoul re 93, rumor has it that Kurona will die. The number of Quinx going at her at once will be too overwhelming.?This is given that Kurona herself, before reaching the lab, is already heavily wounded. It is very unlikely that she survives this horde of Quinx.

Also in this chapter, somewhere in Rushima, Miza Kusakari is seen lying on the floor. Naki sits quietly, as if guarding her. Tokyo Ghoul re 93 Spoilers

She sits up and sees the countless number of corpses. The image of slaughtered CCG investigators shocks her. Miza relies on Naki for an explanation; turns out Naki is dead as well. As his lifeless body falls to the floor, Miza cries over Naki in disbelief.

The chapter ends with a figure, lurking in the shadows, approaching Miza. Fans believe that in Tokyo Ghoul:re 93, his identity will be revealed as Nishiki.

We?d love to hear your theories on Tokyo Ghoul re 93. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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